Letters from Connor

Before Christmas, Connor’s class learned how to write formal letters.  Thus began Connor’s letter writing craze.  Sometimes he writes letters of apology.  Sometimes it’s an invitation.  But they are always entertaining (well, to me at least!)

For example…

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would like a Harry Potter skateboard.  I think I deserve it because I’m doing really good in school and I have agood grades and my mom thinks it’s a good idea.  I want it because I’m getting tired of riding my bike and scooter.

For my family this year we would like Sorry Spin.  We would like it because we like to play board games and regular Sorry is boring because if your ten minutes into  the game and you have one more guy to get home and there’s no more sorries in the deck and spaces to get your last guy home and the next draw you do you get eleven no one can stop you.

For my school this year I would like extra recess.  I want extra recess because when we get out we barely get any time to play before my teacher blows her whistle.


I think the paragraph about Sorry is the best.  So much detail in one run-on sentence.

Dear Logan,

How are you?  I wanted to give you a present.  I hope you like it.  Do you remember when we wanted to sleep in my room?  Maybe we should do it today. You could sleep in a sleeping bag.  Do you want to sleep on my bed or on the floor?  I can barely wait!  I love you!

Aw…brotherly love.  Brotherly sleep over.  Too sweet.

Dear Logan,

I am sorry for punching you.  I lost control of my hands.  Maybe we should get separate seats again.


The classic apology.  For some reason, it’s incredibly hard for C to keep his hands off of Logan while on the bus.  And the losing control of the hands part?  Totally my line.  He’s been listening!

Dear Logan,

Tomorrow do you want to sleep in my bed?  We could play bed tricks.  Bed tricks is where you do a trick on the bed and name it.  Or we could play action figured or anything else in my room or your room.  We could also play the store game or the obstacle course game outside.  Use mom to respond.  I love you!


At the bottom of this letter, in gray marker and in precious 5 year old handwriting are three words.: And love Logan. Something tells me I need to hang on to this letter.  I should pull it out on those days when they cannot even be in a room together without fighting so I can remember that they really do love each other and love to play with each other.

I’ve also saved one other letter, written last year.

There is no one quite like a brother.

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  1. I loved the SORRY paragraph as well – pretty cute. And – I laughed out loud at the last one! We hear that all the time around here – but never actually have seen it on paper. Greatness!

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