I resorted to booger jokes {Houston Family Photograhper}

Last weekend, I got to take pictures of some of my very best friends. I love photographing friends, but in some ways, it can be a little more challenging.   The kids already know me.  They are already used to my antics and don’t find me amusing..what’s up with that?!  I always have to work a little harder to get those natural smiles, just like I have to work harder for them with my own kids.

So I will admit that I totally resorted to booger jokes and simon says to get them laughing.  And I snapped this picture in the middle of it, which you may have already seen on Facebook because it’s probably my favorite out-take ever.

Cracks me up!  But after the ice breaker of “pick your nose/pick your brother’s nose”, we got this one.  I love it.  And seriously, how much do the boys look alike??  They practically look like twins!

We got some good family ones, too, which was our main goal.  I just love this one!  All the kids happy and smiling and loving on their parents and Laura and Neil grinning down at the three most important things in their life.  This is my favorite kind of picture.

Precious family.  Precious friends.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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