smiling all the time {Clear Lake Texas Senior Photographer}

I had such a great time at this session.  Emily is another sweet senior from my church.  Not only that, but she’s been one of our baby-sitters over the past few years.  While I don’t get a sitter nearly as often as I should (note to self, schedule a date night soon!), Emily still has a special place in my heart as baby-sitter extraordinaire.

Emily wanted to head down to Galveston for our shoot, which is always fun!  I love walking around finding all sorts of fun textures and colors.  Emily thought she might be awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I think these pictures prove otherwise!  She was totally comfortable and completely herself.  She had a huge smile is 99% of her pictures, which I think is perfect because Emily smiles 99% of the time.

I love it when I tell a senior to sit somewhere just how they would at home.  Don’t pose, don’t think, just sit down.  Those poses always end up looking totally natural and relaxed and become instant favorites of mine.

On our way back to the car, I saw this wall and knew I wanted to get some fun jumping picture.  Changing into her college shirt was such a great idea.  It just makes the picture so perfect and fun.  Emily is jumping for joy over her college choice and the fun and exciting things that are just ahead for her!

On our way back home, we made one more stop at another location.  Emily (and her mom) wanted some overgrown field/nature-ish pictures.  I had the perfect field in mind, one that I’ve been admiring for awhile whenever I pass it.  It did not disappoint!  And Emily’s outfit was absolutely perfect.  This chair was one of their props.  It’s a family heirloom with lots of special meaning, which makes it even better.  In my quick scroll through Emily’s gallery, this one stood out immediately.  It’s definitely going to be one of my favorites from the session!

Actually, I love all of the pictures we took in the field.  I just love this look and this location, especially for seniors.  Emily is so beautiful, inside and out!  And you would never guess by looking at this picture that just moments earlier a stick-bug had tried to get a little too cozy with Em.  I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed as hard at a shoot.  I wasn’t laughing at you, Emily…I promise.  I was totally laughing with you!  (okay, maybe at you just a little bit. 🙂  But even with bugs and who knows what else, Emily continued to smile away.

Thanks again for the fun afternoon!

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  1. I’m crying looking at these! Em has grown into such a beauty, and I’m so thrilled to see that big smile. Oh, how we miss her! She’s a treasure, inside and out. Thanks for posting.

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