Perfection {Houston Newborn Photographer}

Several months ago, I got an email inquiry for a newborn session.  Amanda had gotten my name from someone at her mom’s church up in Dallas (did you follow that?  I am still mystified as to who it was that knew about my business!  I mean, I am from that general area, but still.  It was pretty cool that someone 5 hours north of here would tell someone local about little ol’ Megan Thurman Photography.)  Anywho, I got this email from Amanda, and in it she tells me that once she got onto my site, she realized that we went to church camp together back when we were in high school!  I love this sort of small world stuff.  I immediately remembered her, and quickly put her down on my calendar for an April baby.  I can remember being so excited back in January that I would have at least one session in April.  Little did I know that this would turn out to be my busiest month ever!  But regardless of how busy my month has been, and regardless of the fact that I had to reschedule from our original date because of school stuff for the boys, and then reschedule again because I got sick, I was so excited about this session.  Reconnecting with an old friend plus a precious two week old baby boy equals perfection in my book.  And when I walked in and met sweet baby A…oh my word.  I’ll just let this picture do the talking:

This precious boy gave me so many adorable newborn smiles.

This precious boy also pooped all over everything more than any other newborn I’ve photographed.  (just keeping in real here!)  But I didn’t mind one single bit, even when I had to get a new shirt from Amanda about halfway through our session.  The extra laundry was totally worth it.  All he had to do was flash us a little “Blue Steel” and it was all forgotten.

I showed this picture to my husband and he thinks maybe it’s a little more “Le Tigre” than “Blue Steel”.  Just give it some time, and Magnum will be out in full force.  (And if you haven’t seen Zoolander you probably have no earthly idea what I am talking about.    And you should totally go watch Zoolander.  Such a funny movie!)

Mr. A was just so perfect and squishy and, well, perfect.

At every newborn session, there comes a point when I am just overwhelmed at the miraculous beauty of a newborn.  What an amazing gift from God!  And when I go back and look at them and start editing them, I become overwhelmed once again at the beauty and the love that God pours out in these tiny little people.  It takes my breath away.

Mr. A, our oh-so-willing model demanded a feeding break during our session, and of course, the star of the show always gets his way.  After his break, we headed outside for a few more pictures.  I love Houston this time of year!  I’m so thankful to live in a place where I can take photos outdoors virtually year round.  They had this quilt that is not only so cute, but A’s grandma made it for him, and I have no doubt that each and every thread was stitched in love.  I knew I had to use it in the photos.  This is A with a nice, full belly.  He was totally in the milk coma, and I’m so excited about all the pictures we got on this blanket.

And I have to share a family one, too.  Such a sweet and special family.  It was wonderful getting to spend the morning with y’all and capture these moments that are going to go by in the blink of an eye.

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  1. Megan…you outdid yourself today…with a bundle of help from Mr. A…guessing his name is NOT Adorable but he sure is! We voted and LOVED the first pic best…loads of runners up.

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