once upon a time

once upon a time, we went to California.  We had the best time.  Seriously, the best time.

Then we came home and I went into what I refer to as my post vacation depression.  That means that there was a whole lot of wallowing on the couch, a whole lot of bad moods, some tears, and I couldn’t even look at my vacation pictures for a solid week because it made me too sad to think about how it was over.

Deep inside, I’m just like a little kid at Christmas.  The excitement, the build-up, and then….just like that it’s over.  Life marches on.

Life didn’t just march on this time.  It barreled forward.  The end of the school year came and went.  I wrapped up photo orders from my busiest month ever.  We dealt with the absolute worst attitude that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing from one of my lovely children.  Actually, they all had some serious attitude problems, but one really took the cake on this one.  Truth me told, I had a pretty bad attitude as well.

But I’m back and feeling better.  We are slowly and surely starting to get into the swing of summer.  And I’m finally ready to blog about our fabulous vacation.

For tonight, I’m just posting this picture.  Beautiful (and cold!) Lake Arrowhead, California, and my beautiful family.

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  1. Glad you are back… you’ve been missed! I totally understand the post-vacation blues. I’ve always said we need a vacation from our vacation. I hope there are many bright spots in your days to come, as you share your lovely time in CA with us all! Hugs…

  2. I have been in a funk the last two months/ one month – Spring shoots (always my busiest time of year, and fall) plus end of the school year plus beach vacation = totally worn out mommy. I hope you have found your happy zen place and are feeling better now!!! Love all your pics!!

  3. ugh, PVSD (post-vacation stress disorder) is so tough.
    we will gladly meet up more in july to help cure it:).
    glad y’all had such a wonderful trip to CA!!

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