It’s really a shame

It’s a shame that this girl doesn’t have more personality, more expressions, and more silliness.  (I’m totally kidding, by the way.  And you will see why.)

I’m so crazy about this girl.  Each and every one of these silly pictures were completely unscripted and unprompted.

She is so fun.

I had a great night with my girl tonight.  First up: her 3 year old photo shoot (just a few weeks late).  I cannot wait to go through all of them, but these of course immediately stood out because they are so very Camryn.  We lasted about 30 minutes in the heat and headed to stop number 2: Snoball Hut where Cami enjoyed her “purple pink” snow cone.  And finally, we headed to the ever exciting world of Wal-Mart.  Camryn’s birthday party is this weekend and we needed to get the goods.  She flipped out over the Tangled stuff and even found a new Tangled shirt to wear to the big event.  It’s so fun having her be aware that her party is this weekend and to have her help in picking out the cake, goodies, decorations, etc.

It was a pretty simple night, but my heart was bursting.  She is so very special and I love her so much.

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