Houston, we have a problem {Houston Family Photographer}

If you live in Houston, I think this past weekend will go down in history with one word in mind: mosquitoes.  After 6 months of barely any rain, we finally had a great storm about 2 weeks ago.  Well, apparently, mosquitoes have a 2 week incubation period because the mosquitoes are out in full force.  It’s like all of the mosquitoes that we should have had over the past 6 months all hatched on Thursday and Friday.   They are swarming.  It’s the kind of outbreak where you end up with a dozen in your car just in the loading time, and bugspray almost become necessary in your home because so many fly in when the door opens.

I think y’all get my point.  It’s bad.  It’s definitely not good conditions for an outdoor family photo shoot.  When this family and I arrived at the location on Saturday morning, we almost bailed and rescheduled.  Even armed with tons of bug spray and those off clip-on fan things, it was still just about unbearable.  But, you know how much effort goes into getting a family of 5 photo ready on a Saturday morning, so we pressed on.  And, somehow, even with some tears, lots of mosquito swatting, and a half a bottle of bug spray, we came away with some great pictures.

We did end up cutting our session short, and we’re going to meet next week to get some more photos of the girls.  I can hardly wait!  They are so beautiful, fun, and sweet.  I’ve been taking pictures of  L since she was 4 months old!  It’s been so fun to watch her grow and become a full fledged toddler.  And she has definitely made her arrival into toddler hood!  She is so busy.  But I love it, and truly enjoy this age.

Middle sister had the hardest time with the mosquitoes.  They would not leave her alone!  It must be because she is so sweet.  But she’s definitely got a spunky side, too, and that is something I love to see.

And big sister is in that great early elementary stage.  She’s a great big sister–so very sweet and easy going.

Thank you so much for hanging in there on Saturday, and I can’t wait to y’all again soon!

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