First Field Trip

Cami started at a new school this year, and while we miss her old school, it’s been a great change for us.  The new school is less than 5 minutes from my house, and it’s been pretty life changing to not spend 30+ minutes on the preschool commute.  On Friday, Camryn went on her first official school field trip to the local pumpkin patch.  She is so funny in social situations.  Anyone who knows Camryn knows she is not shy and quiet, but when she is in big groups, she turns into this shy and quiet little thing.  I think she’s like Derek in that way.  I know for sure she isn’t like me in that way!  So while she didn’t run around like crazy with most of the other kids, she did enjoy story time and snack time and walking around with me while I took a bunch of pictures of her.  And that suited me just fine.  Y’all know I love to take pictures!

I took this picture when we first arrived at one of the little photo spots they have set up.  Can you see her shy little smile?  We had a cold front come through the night before the field trip and I was excited to dress her in some of her fall/winter clothes.  And I was even more excited that she didn’t fight me on the outfit!  Of course, I wanted to pair her outfit with these super cute brown mary janes, but in the end, I decided it wasn’t worth the battle and crocs won.

After walking around and posing on pumpkins, she found a few other fun games to play like hide and seek…

And she played run like a maniac

And jump like a superhero.

And just before we left, she asked me to take a few photos of her with her new build-a-bear affectionately named Cami Daddy, which I think is a clear indication of who her two favorite people are.

And speaking of the build-a-bear, it’s just another example of the benefit of being the youngest and the only one at home with me all the time.  The other day, we went to the mall so I could look for a few things at Loft during the 40% off everything sale.  And then, for no other reason except she asked nicely and I thought it would be fun, we made a spontaneous trip to build-a-bear.  She’d been in there one other time and picked out one of the miniature already made bears.  I thought she might do the same thing, but no.  She’s figured it out and wanted the whole kit and kaboodle.  She picked out the pink bunny, we put a sound in it, and even got her an outfit and some accessories.  I’ll be the first to admit that Camryn gets a little spoiled.  It comes with being the baby of the family, I think.  Just ask my little brother.  Actually, what he always says is not spoiled, blessed.  I guess you could say Cami is blessed to be not only the baby, but also the only girl.  It’s not a bad spot to be.

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