Mini Session Sneaks, Take 3 {Houston Child Photographer}

My evening mini sessions started out with a bit of disappointment for me.  I pulled up to my location, which is pretty much a ditch, but a really pretty ditch with beautiful light, some overgrown grass, and full trees that sparkle in the setting sun.  I turned and saw that the mowers had been there.  And the tree trimmers.  So not only did it not have the same look I was expecting, but there were huge piles of branches as far as the eye could see.  It would have been a Photoshop nightmare to get them all out of the photos!  Despite my initial disappointment and slight moment of panic, it actually turned out great.  It forced me to walk the other direction and explore the area a little more.  We ended up finding several good spots, and it still remains on my list of top 3 locations.  Shew!

Up first were these two cuties, who were some familiar faces from last year.  They have grown so much!   But they are just as sweet and cute as ever.  I love that they love each other so much.  Taking pictures of them together and individually is such a joy.   I love this happy, snuggly picture of the two of them.

The next family I would describe in one word: fun!  They were just full of smiles and laughs and fun ideas.  They were the perfect example of why I love my job so very much!

My last session of the evening was crazy busy!  But so fun.  That’s what you get when you combine a group of cousins–two under-two toddlers and a two month old.

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