They brought the fun {Galveston Family Photography}

I know I’ve said it before, but I just love photo sessions on the beach.  In the summer I thought maybe it was because most of the families I shot were there on vacation.  Vacation=relaxation and fun, and each and every family I photographed arrived relaxed and ready to have fun.  This family, although not on vacation, arrived the same way.  Well, they tell me it was a little bit of a frazzling experience to get out of the house, but I never would have guessed.  I had the best time following them around, watching them play, and taking pictures.  I think this session takes the cake as the most laid back, relaxed, lifestyle-type shoot I’ve ever done.  And I loved every second of it!  Their sweet little girl was busy!  She was all over the place, running from here to there, and not interested in sitting much at all.  I love high-energy kids and high-energy sessions.  This family has waited over a week for their sneak peek, so without further ado, here we go!

This was the very last picture I took.  I love her windblown hair and her relaxed smile.  It’s just how someone should look after a day at the beach.

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