Thanksgiving, Part 2

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since Thanksgiving!  It has gone by so fast.  Just a few more things to post about Thanksgiving…I’m really going to try and do better with blogging.  I miss it!  And I feel like I am forgetting so many things because they aren’t written down anywhere.

Thanksgiving morning, Logan, Connor, Derek and I woke up bright and early and headed to Ft. Worth a Turkey Trot.  Logan did the 1k and I loved watching him cross the finish line with D.

Soon after Logan’s race, Connor and I headed to the start of the 5k race where we met up with Cindi and Madison.  This was Connor’s first 5k and the farthest he has ever run at once.  He did great, finishing 4th in his age group with a time of 32:12!  I finished just a bit after him at 33:24, which I was pretty happy with considering I cannot remember the last time I ran 3 miles.  I’ve been pretty good about working out (well, minus the last 2-3 weeks…things got crazy with the business and working out is always the first to go.  Well, maybe it’s the second to go behind cooking.)  My point: while that’s not really fast, I was happy that I ran the entire time and even though I haven’t been running with my workouts I seem to be in okay shape.  I won’t talk about how sore I was the next day.  Or the fact that my mom has a two story house and those stairs were the death of me and everyone could hear me and my grunts with each and every step.  Sometimes it’s crazy to me that at one point I had actually conditioned my body to run 26 miles!

All in all, it was a really fun, crowded, and crazy experience.  There were tons of people there!  I was very thankful that Connor had Madison to run with, and that we had set up a specific meeting place for Connor to find Derek.  I snapped this picture near the beginning of the race.  I could not believe how many people were there!  When Cindi asked us if we wanted to do a Turkey Trot, I had no idea it was such a huge event.

We were happy to all find each other at the end.

Like I mentioned before, we spent the rest of Thanksgiving day at Derek’s grandparent’s house with his parents, his aunt, uncle, and cousin.  It was such a relaxing day, just at it should be!

This year, Patrick and Noel were in Texas for Thanksgiving, and it was so great to hang out with them.  One morning (and my memory is getting so bad that I can’t even remember which morning this was), Noel suggested that she and Cami play the quiet game.  Camryn was dead serious about it!  It was the funniest thing ever!  She sat quietly for so long.  I’m telling you, she’s good.  She would hands down win against Connor and Logan. I had to take some pictures of their game.

And finally, Cami broke down and said something.

The kids also got to spend some time with some of their cousins.  That’s always so much fun.  I am so thankful for these guys, and I’m so glad that we get to see them every time we go to Arlington!

Oh, you noticed the giant band-aid on Connor’s head?  Yeah, that’s a fun story.  Derek and I had to run out on an errand (oh my word!  My memory is SO BAD.  I cannot even remember why we weren’t at my parent’s house!  Had we taken Logan to the park?  Yes, I think that’s what it was.)  Anyway, we came home and found my mom butterfly-ing Connor’s head closed.  He walked smack into a wall.  Just stood up, turned around, and BAM.  Right into the corner.  After texting James a picture (love having a doctor in the family!), he thought we should go have it glued together.  We spent an hour at the urgent care and left with what I now refer to as the worlds most expensive tube of neosporin.  The doctor looked at it and said it didn’t need any stitches or anything (actually, I think he called it a “scratch”.)  It’s healing up fine, but I still disagree with the doctor’s decision!  It continued to bleed off and on for several more days before finally closing up enough to stop oozing.  Connor’s pretty excited about his little battle wound.  It looks sort of like a Harry Potter scar.

One night (Saturday?  I think it was Saturday.), we even got to go out!  There were 10 of us in all, and it was so much fun.  We ate a yummy dinner (although I probably would have enjoyed the dinner more if I hadn’t stuffed my face with my second In ‘n Out burger of the week just a few hours prior.)  The real highlight of the night was going back to Staci’s house after and staying up late playing Loaded Questions.  Now THAT is a fun game, especially with the right crowd.  I learned things I never even knew I needed to know about these guys.  I have not laughed that hard in so long.  It was full on tears, risk-of-wetting pants kind of laughter.  It was good for my soul.

(picture borrowed from Staci’s blog.)

We ended up leaving after lunch on Sunday.  I just couldn’t resist my mom’s flank steak plus a little more time with Patrick and Noel and one more game of Nertz with Cindi.  Even though we got home late, it was well worth it.  What a fabulous week.

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