Full of life {Houston Children’s Photographer}

This was probably one of the most grueling photo shoots I’ve ever done, which I think is to be expected when you combine two busy preschoolers with August heat in Houston and add in my big pregnant belly.  But, despite the massive amount of sweating and huffing and puffing done on my end, I had a blast with this family!  The kids were so cute and so full of energy–just the way I like them.  Mom and dad and were beautiful and took the whole session in stride.  They really wanted to capture some fun, personality filled shots.  Well, they definitely delivered the personality!

We took some…what you might call “normal” family pictures, but they really wanted to take this picture, too.  This pretty much sums up the craziness of life with toddlers, doesn’t it?!

The kids also showed me their sweetest smiles.  They are such beautiful kids! 


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