Nice to meet you

It was so fun having family and friends meet Sullivan for the first time.  My mom and Derek’s parents were all at the hospital for the birth, so they were some of the first to meet the newest family member.  Proud grandparents!

I was so excited when the kids arrived to meet their little brother.  They were all so excited to see and to hold Sullivan!

We also had other friends come up to the hospital to visit.  I love hospital visitors, and since Sullivan was born on a Sunday morning, we had lots of friends stop by the hospital that night.  At one point, I think there were about 10 people in the room and the anesthesiologist came by to make sure that the epidural had worn off and I was feeling good.  So of course, we invited him to stay for the party.  It’s such a fun time of celebration, and I was so thankful for our family and friends who celebrated with us!

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