Sweet with a side of silly {Clear Lake TX Family Photographer}

I absolutely love my sessions with this family!  The girls are just the perfect mix of sweet and spunky, and at each one of the sessions I’ve done with them, the girls have made me squeal at the cuteness and sigh at the sweetness.  In fact, when my own daughter saw these pictures, she said that she wished she had 3 sisters.  It’s not going to happen for her…much to her dismay, she’s stuck with 3 brothers.  But even without a sister of her own, she recognizes that there is something so special about sisters.  I feel so lucky to have watched these three grow up over the past couple of years.

Speaking of lucky, M is one lucky guy to be surrounded by such beauty!  I love the dynamic in families where dad is lone man standing.  There is just nothing sweeter.

I’ve been taking pictures of this little cutie since she was just a bald little 4 month old!  And now she is a full fledged kiddo.  She tries her very best to keep up with her big sisters, and definitely wants to do everything by herself.  I love two year olds.  They are always so full of energy and fun, and L was no exception!

Since I’m a middle child myself, I always love the middles.  L keeps everyone on their toes, and know she brings a lot of personality and laughter to her family.  She’s delightful!

And last but certainly not least, the oldest of the bunch.  She has grown up so much since last year, and she is beautiful!  When I look at this picture, I can just see the beautiful young lady she is becoming. She has the most amazing blue eyes!

It’s always hard for me to end my sessions with these girls.  I just have so much fun with them!  But eventually, we call it a wrap, usually when we start getting more and more photos like this.

Nothing says fun like a case of the full-fledged sillies!  It’s my favorite way end a session.

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