Birthday Boy {Clear Lake Texas Children’s Photographer}

This little guy isn’t quite 1 yet, but he will be next week!  I love sessions with this age.  They are so full of personality and everything is new and fun and exciting.  Plus, they are just plain cute!  Tyce is no exception, and I loved taking pictures of him!

Tyce makes this face all the time and it cracked me up!  We would make a monkey sound and he would immediately start doing it right back.  He takes the phrase monkey see monkey do to a whole new level!

He’s not quite walking yet, but he is so close!  He loves to walk around like this.

And we even got a series of shots with him standing up, big and tall!

You can see how he was clapping for himself in that one.  And we were clapping right along with him.  Turning one is definitely something that deserves a round of applause!

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