Joy {Clear Lake Texas Senior Photographer}

This family holds such a special spot in my heart. I love them so much! I’ve known them for about 6 years now.  It’s hard for me to believe that their beautiful daughter is about to graduate and head off to college!  I guess I can believe it because Morgan is just so ready.  She’s so grown up, so mature, and so ready to leave the nest.  Her parents have done an amazing job and are two of the most kind, loving, God-centered parents that I’ve had the privilege of knowing.  It was a joy to take these photographs for them.

First up, the graduate.  Love her beautiful smile and her amazing curls!

The whole gang joined in for some updated family pictures before Morgan leaves home.  While trying to get this picture, I kept arranging and moving them around.  Finally, while laughing, I said “just arrange yourselves!  I can’t figure out who needs to go where.”  And bam.  Just like that, they did this.  Such a beautiful family, inside and out!

Now I’m sure that these three have their moments like all siblings, but I’ve never seen it!  It was not tough at all to get pictures of them together.  This is just one example.

And finally, one of my favorites from the session.  Pure joy.  I think this captures Morgan and Carri so perfectly.  They have such a special bond.

I love you guys and am blessed to call you friends!  Thank you for just being you.


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