Consider me slayed {Galveston Beach Photographer}

I’m really loving all my trips down to Galveston this summer! I honestly get a little giddy each and every time. I feel so blessed that I get to meet the kindest, cutest, most fun families.  I love my job!  This sweet family kept me on my toes with a two and a three year old, but truth be told, those are two of my very favorite ages to photograph, so I was in heaven with this crew!



Sweet big sister had the best beach hair, the cutest little smile, and such a sweet personality.


I love watching how different kids act at the beach.  Some run full speed ahead into the waves.  Some only want to stay where it’s dry and quiet.  Some love to play with me, and some love to explore and get lost in their own little world.  Miss H was an explorer, and I loved capturing her doing her favorite things at the beach.  Sometimes my favorite pictures from beach sessions end up being the ones where no one is looking at me.



Mr. J was in full-fledged toddler mode the entire time, which makes me so incredibly happy.  But even with the busiest of boys, I can usually get them to pause for a split second.  He slays me!


I mean, for real, he slays me!  Look at that smile!  I’m pretty sure that I said I wanted to take him home at the end of the session, which I quickly followed with an explanation that I’m not so much a kidnapper as I am a lover of a smiley, happy, busy two year old.


Thanks so much for the fun night, C family!

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