My Favorite 8 year old {Friendswood Children’s Photographer}

I can claim this kiddo as my favorite 8 year old because he’s mine!  Oh, this guy…I could could blog all night long, and I still couldn’t cover all the reasons why I love him so.  He’s kind, fun, easy to get along with, sweet, sensitive, funny, and a million more things.


He tries to act all serious and hold it in.  But his joy is contagious and it doesn’t take much to get a smile like this out of him.


It has been an ridiculously long time since I got him in front of my camera.  He really does not enjoy any part of having his picture taken.  I will admit to some-ahem-incentives offered to join me on this photo shoot.  I’d say it was well worth the happy meal plus a couple of dollars. 🙂


We moved over to Friendswood from Clear Lake a couple of months ago, and I’ve been itching to get out and explore a few Friendswood spots I’ve had my eye on.  And they did not disappoint!  I cannot wait to get some more families and kids out here!

He started to get a little more sullen and pouty towards the end, but he can totally pull off the pout.  Such a handsome kid.  (But don’t tell him that, because it totally embarrasses him!)


But right at the end, at the last little place I wanted him to sit, he tried again to hold in his smiles…


But he just couldn’t do it.logan-5-blog

That joyful, fun-loving spirit is that bubbles over even when he tries to hold back is just one of the million little things I love about him.  I’m so glad that he’s mine.

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