This is Reality {Friendswood TX Family Photographer}

This family contacted me for a session with really one goal in mind: a good family photo.  With three kids, ages 4, 2, and 4 months, getting a good picture can definitely be a challenge!  There are definitely lots and lots of moments like this, which I actually love because this is real life right here.


You’ve got big brother, doing his very best to hold up baby brother but his real feelings about this whole hold the baby business are written all over his face.  By this point, the candy had come out (a little incentive never hurt!), and sister is happy as a lark about those sweet little tidbits!  Meanwhile baby brother is just as sweet as can be.  Third born kids are something special, I tell you.

But there are also moments like this.  I love Miss O’s little personality shining through here!  And big brother’s sweet little smile, and baby R’s little tongue sticking out.


And we got his one, too.  I wish you could have seen us trying to convince O to sit there in the middle.  Sometimes directing a two year old is just like herding cats!  But then once she decided to sit, look at what we captured!  Such a sweet, beautiful family.


I couldn’t help but take a few pictures of the kids by themselves, minus sweet baby R who had an unfortunate encounter with some ants.  Thankfully they didn’t bite him at all but left him without his sweet little Christmas outfit.  I’m really diligent about checking for ants, but somehow they found us!  I’m so, so thankful he didn’t get bitten by any of them.  I have a feeling putting babies in an ants would be bad for business!

Anyway, sweet little O.  She took a bit to warm up to me, but we played a few games and then we were old friends.

And the biggest of the bunch.  Four year old boys are the perfect mix of energy, sweetness, and fun, and G was no exception.  He is such a great kid. beyer-2-blog

Thank you guys so much for hanging in there through all the ups and downs of our session! I loved meeting you all, B family.

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