In March of 2005, I was just about to have my second baby.  I was 25 years old, living 1000 miles away from all of our family, and Derek was working long hours to finish up his phd.  It was actually Derek’s idea for me to start a blog.  I don’t think I even understood what it was exactly, but soon enough, I took his advice and started writing and sharing.  For years and years, I wrote.  I wrote funny… Read more »

I look back on years past on this blog and I wonder how I did it?  How did I make the time for it?  I think that for the past month, I’ve been in a constant state of mental tiredness.  By the time I get everyone taken care of and it’s the end of the day, I’m just spent and don’t want to do anything except snuggle up on the couch and watch my shows.  Blogging, which used to come… Read more »

12 years ago, I was 19.  Almost 20.  Not that it makes any sort of difference, really.  I was young, and even though I’m only 31 now (which I tell myself is still young), 19 is actually, really, truly young.  But I sure thought I was a grown up, felt like a grown up, and I was about to make a very grown up decision.  12 years ago, I walked down the aisle into the arms of this man, a… Read more »