Seems fitting that I should blog about Camryn’s kindergarten graduation since school starts in just over a week (glory, hallelujah!)  She was so excited about her graduation ceremony.  Since we started at a new school last year, it was all new and different for us.  At our old school, they did a cute little program and ceremony during the afternoon, but the new school did a big evening shindig.  Camryn wanted to get all fancy for the occasion.  She is… Read more »

Before I had kids, I always pictured myself as that stay at home mom who loved to bake with her kids.  I really do enjoy baking (hello, cookie dough.  I love you forever and ever.)  But baking with my kids?  Not so much.  The boys burst that bubble long ago.  Connor had pretty much zero interest in helping in kitchen.  I can remember one time baking cupcakes with him and it being an enjoyable thing.  The other times he either… Read more »

Okay, so maybe she’s 4 and 2 months now, but better late than never, right?  In my quest to get back into blogging, I figured I could go back and catch up on some big things that happened this summer. And in the world of Camryn, turning 4 definitely falls into the category of Big Things. We always start with presents first thing in the morning.  She was clearly super excited about what might be inside this one.  I love… Read more »