I’ve been mulling over this post in my head for the past week.  Do you ever feel like you just have to write and you don’t even really know what’s going to come out at the end, but you just know that you have to get it down?  That’s what this post feels like. Last Monday on Facebook, I saw a prayer request from one of my very best friends from our time in California.  One of her friends,Praise, (also… Read more »

Is it just my imagination, or do mine and Staci’s shirts… Look a little bit like this gem of a dress that I wore in 1994? They say that all styles will eventually come back around.  Looks like that’s a fact!

I will totally admit that I was waiting to see if Staci would blog about our girl’s weekend so I could steal some pictures. She is the only one who took any pictures with a real camera. Thank goodness for our iPhones! So this was our 4th annual girl’s weekend, and it was as great as I expected it to be. There is just something about catching up with friends, completely uninterrupted by kids (and there are 16 between us… Read more »