(Parts 1-6 below this post.) As the spring semester of 1999 came to an end, I began to get a little obsessed about getting engaged.  As much as I put on a happy face about him moving to California, I really wasn’t thrilled about it.   We had always said we didn’t want to have a long engagement, so I figured if he proposed, we wouldn’t be apart for longer than 6 months.  That thought made me happy. One night, just… Read more »

After three years of dating (well, off and on, as you now know), Derek and I finally lived in the same city.  I would like to say that I didn’t go to ACU because of Derek, but he definitely played a huge part in that decision.  It really doesn’t matter how I got there, only that I did.  I truly loved every second of being at ACU. I was giddy with excitement as I moved into Nelson Dorm with one… Read more »