It’s a blogging tradition that I just can’t let go.  I might be 4 weeks late this time, but I’ve got to get these first day of school pictures posted! Logan, 4th grade.  Decided to fix his hair up in a big mohawk, which I’ve never seen him do before (and he hasn’t done since.)  He loves minecraft, and has fallen in love with soccer.  He’s funny, and most definitely not a morning person. The best way to get Logan… Read more »

I can’t help but smile… When I see these pictures of my kiddos. I was going to write about how Logan is such a ham in pictures, and cannot just smile a regular smile. But upon close inspection, they can all make some good photo-worthy faces. Although Logan still totally takes the cake as the craziest in photos.  (and life, for that matter.  He is non-stop!) Man, I love these guys.  Even when they drive me cray.  Even when I… Read more »