Monday in Destin was pretty cloudy and rainy.  We spent the majority of the day shopping at a great outlet mall.  (I am trying to write this quickly and I can’t think of anything more creative or witty to say about Monday.  Plus it’s been a solid two weeks, so remembering what we did is going to be a challenge!) Tuesday morning it was cloudy again, so we took a nice walk down to the beach.  By the time I… Read more »

We were up and and ’em bright and early on Saturday morning for the drive to Florida.  I’m always pleasantly surprised by my kids on long car trips.  I mean, they really do have it made with the dvd player, iphones/itouch, dsi, etc.  We also stop every few hours to stretch, pee, eat, and play.  That means it takes us a little longer overall, but happy kids=happy traveling. We stopped for lunch at the Louisiana/Mississippi border (sidenote: it has become… Read more »

I know that there are about a million things I’ve missed blogging about in the last month.  Things like the staples Logan had to get in his head after a trampoline accident followed by strep throat and a cold making it’s way through our family.  Soccer and baseball season have started, and we got a new car kind of on a whim even though we’ve talked about it off and on for awhile.  Maybe I’ll come back and blog about… Read more »