Now that my fall shooting season has officially wrapped up, I’m hoping to finally have a chance to sit down and catch up on some posts!  Next up, my final beach session of this fall season.  I absolutely loved shooting at the beach this fall, and it’s definitely something I’m planning to bring back for the fall of 2015!  Even months later, looking back at these photos brings a smile to my face.  This family is so sweet, and in… Read more »

When I first met these two last year, I was blown away by how sweet they were to each other.  Not much has changed in that respect over the past year!  These two (just one year apart in age…bless their mama!) are still two of the sweetest siblings ever.  All the cuddling and hugs and kisses are 100% genuine and almost all were unprompted.  Made my job so easy!  I hope these two stay the best of friends as they… Read more »

Oh this session. I’m not even sure where to begin! This family arrived ready for anything, and most of all ready to have fun.  It’s truly the kind of session that I love the most.  My goal is always to capture authentic photos of a family and of each child, and when a family shows up in the frame of mind to kick back, have fun, play, and interact with each other while I look on and click away…well, let’s… Read more »