A few weekends ago, I had to opportunity to photograph a wedding.  Cue major butterflies and nerves!  It’s only the second wedding I’ve ever shot, and while I love trying out new things, I find weddings to be pretty nerve wracking and intimidating!  But I couldn’t miss the opportunity.  It was a small, intimate ceremony at our friend’s house, and it was simple and perfect and beautiful.  I was honored to be a part of it. I love weddings.  I… Read more »

Been a little m.i.a. from the blog over here! Summer is just as busy as I imagined it would be. My kids sure keep me on my toes and keep my schedule full! We’ve done a lot of fun stuff, some traveling, and made some great memories. On of the trips I got to take this summer was to Kansas City for my beautiful sister’s wedding. She asked me to be her wedding photographer, which was a whole new experience… Read more »