Where should I have my session?

Your session can take place just about anywhere.  Keep in mind that I am a natural light photographer (meaning I do not use studio or artificial light), and almost all of my sessions take place outdoors.  However, having a session at your home is always an option.  For sessions at your home, please be prepared for me to shoot in any room that has the best light. I will most like want to utilize the outdoors as well.  You would be surprised at the photo spots I can find even in an “ugly” backyard!

Here are a few examples of outdoor locations that I have used in the past.  When it comes down to it, many of the locations I use have a very similar look–simply because I am drawn to a certain type of location.  I am always on the lookout for new spots, and I am always open for suggestions!

Brookwood in Clear Lake:


Fields in League City:


Challenger Park in Webster:


Longhorn Butler Museum in League City:


 What should we wear?

This is the million dollar question!  I understand how stressful and it can be to get everyone coordinated and looking just so!

I recommend that you wear clothes that are comfortable, flattering, and reflect the unique style and personality of your family.  The colors you choose should coordinate, but they do not need to match exactly.  Sometimes is helpful to look around your home and consider where you are going to display your photos and the colors and style of your decor.

When it’s time to pull the outfits together, it’s a good idea to imagine that you are pulling together one big outfit instead of thinking of each outfit individually.  You most likely wouldn’t dress in the same color head to toe, but you would stay in the same family and coordinate the colors.  Adding pattern here and there is good, as well as layers and accessories.  If you are looking for a starting point, pick out the mom’s outfit or the youngest daughter’s outfit first.  Then coordinate from there.  Chances are, mom is the one who is booking the session and wants the photos.  So mom, wear your favorite outfit!  It’s easy to coordinate your husband and sons around what looks and feels best on you.

I strongly recommend that you do not all wear black or white shirts with jeans.  It is my opinion that you can pull together a traditional, timeless look using solids, neutrals, or classic patterns without our old friend The White Shirt.  And on the other end, if you love color, don’t be afraid to show it!

Please avoid shirts with printed slogans or characters as they can detract from the person being photographed.

Here are a few examples of what to wear.  Pinterest can also be a great resource!


 What are your prices?  What is included?

The prices below are all-inclusive and include your both your session and high resolution images with permission to print.

Custom Family Session: $450

Custom sessions are at least one hour long and your gallery will include at  least 30-35 photos.  With a custom family session, you will receive all the photos in your gallery via direct download as well as a bound 5×7 proof book and a USB containing all your photos.  Prints, products, and specialty items are available for purchase.  The session can take place just about anywhere, from a park, to the beach, to a field, to your home.  I have a few favorite locations, but I am always up for something new!

Your gallery will include a mix of more traditional photos as well as fun, unposed photos.  My goal for each and every session is to create images that capture the true beauty and spirit of your individual family.  I will do my very best to keep our session lighthearted, laid-back, and fun.  When you have fun, smiles are natural, and I will capture those sweet little moments that might otherwise be overlooked.

The full family session includes up to 6 people.  Please add $10 for each additional person, and add $25 for sessions 25 miles or more from 77546.

Mini Session: $250

Mini sessions are approximately 30 minutes long, and your gallery will include 10-15 photos delivered via direct download.  Additional prints, and products are available for purchase. Mini sessions are only available within 10 miles of 77546.  Mini Sessions include up to 4 people; please add $10 for each additional person.  Please keep in mind that there will be a limited number of posing options with a mini session.  I will take as many poses and groupings as time allows.  Please be ready to prioritize what photo is most important.  We will get that photo first, and then go from there.

Senior Session: $400

Your senior session includes your full session and at least 25 images delivered via direct download with a print release.  It also includes a 5×7 spiral bound proof book.  For senior sessions, I encourage a multiple outfits (up to three) and multiple locations in the same general area.  There is an additional $25 fee for senior sessions in Galveston.  Seniors are welcome to book a mini session, but it will only include one outfit and one location.

Galveston Session: $500

I absolutely love beach sessions, and I am more than happy to travel to Galveston.  Galveston sessions are best scheduled in the last 1-2 hours before sunset.  A typical beach session will last about an hour to an hour and a half and will yield at least 30-40 photos.  With your beach session, you will receive all the photos in your gallery via direct download as well as a bound 5×7 proof book.  Prints, products, and specialty items are available for purchase.

Prices do not include 8.25% sales tax.

Can I order prints or other products?

Absolutely!  I am pleased to offer images from a professional lab.  All prints are finished with a subtle linen texture and protective matte coating.  All prints are mounted on matboard for increased durability.  Print prices are as follows:

8 Wallets: $10
5×7 and smaller: $15
8×10: $20
11×14: $40
16×20: $70
16×24: $100
20×24: $120
20×30: $140
24×30: $160
24×36: $185
30×40: $200

Other products offered include standouts, gallery wrapped canvases, and custom made cards and announcements.

When is my payment due, and how can I pay?

A session deposit of $150 is due at the time of booking, and the remaining balance is due at the time of your session.  I accept cash, checks, or credit card payment via PayPal.

Print orders are done online, and payment is due at the time you place your order.

How long will it take to see my images?

If you’ve given permission for me to post your photos on my blog, you can expect a sneak peek within about 5 days.  I try my very best to have your full gallery ready within two weeks.

What can I do with my digital files?

I pride myself on the careful editing and production of your images.  Please respect my time and work by using your images responsibly.  The print release allows you to post the images online and print them however you would like for your personal use.  Please do not submit them to contests or claim them as your own.

What can I expect at my family/child session?

First and foremost, I hope we have fun, because a fun session produces the best images.  When we first meet up, I will spend a few minutes talking to your kids before I start shooting.  This gives me a chance to get to know them, and it gives them a chance to feel a little more comfortable with me.  I pride myself on my ability to connect with all different types of children, from shy to crazy and everything in between.  I have four children of my own, with four very different personalities, and I’ve been doing this for quite some time.  Trust me…I’ve seen it all!  The best thing you can do at our session is to stand back and let me work.  I have found that being able to interact with your children with minimal distractions usually produces the best results, which means I might ask to take the kids aside one at a time.  As hard as it may be, try not to give your children too many instructions or make threats.  I’ve been the parent on the verge of a meltdown, telling my kids to “smile or else!” and it never works!  The promise a treat never hurts (I’m definitely not above a little bribery!)  But holding it over their heads and threatening to take it away isn’t really a good idea either.  As frazzled as you may feel, I promise it won’t be reflected in the photos as long as you sit back and just enjoy the ride.

While I don’t put a time limit on sessions (with the exception of mini sessions), most sessions will last about an hour to an hour and a half.  After that, I find that most kids–and dads–are done. 🙂

What can I expect at my Galveston Beach session?

 When you take a peek at my Galveston portfolio, you might see that I am a little more non-traditional with my beach sessions.  I encourage lots of playing and lots of color (just say no to white shirts and jeans!)  I’ll spend the first part of the session taking the more traditional and posed photos.  Then, if you and your crew are up for it, I encourage the kids (and kids at heart!) to play in the water.  These photos captured in the last 15 minutes of our time together are almost always my very favorite, and I think my clients would agree.  If you are vacationing in Galveston, it is usually best if I meet you where you are staying.  If you are a local looking for beach photos, I know some great spots.

What can I expect at my senior session?

Senior sessions are so much fun.  Working with a “big kid” is always a refreshing change of pace!  With senior sessions, you are welcome to bring up to three outfits and include any special props that relate to your time in high school.  Once we meet up, I love to drive around a bit to a couple of different spots.  That’s something that is much harder to do with a family, but with an 18 year old, we can explore a little more.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at megan@meganthurmanphotography.com.