I feel like a lot has happened since my last blog!  The biggest thing (well, to me) was the arrival of my new camera (a Nikon D300)!  I’m so excited about my upgrade, and I’ve been having tons of fun practicing and playing with my new toy.  You’ll find me out in my backyard just about every night snapping a million pictures of my kids.  And my tomatoes.  And my cat.  Nothing is safe from my picture taking!

I wanted to get out there and practice on a family asap, and luckily my friend Angela happily agreed to mini session.  She was one of my first practice clients back in December, and we did a mini session in the bluebonnets.  Luckily her kids don’t mind being in front of the camera!  She really wanted to get a good one of all 4 of them (we tried with the bluebonnet mini sessions, but it just didn’t work out.)  I think there are several good ones this time!  They are such a beautiful family, and I am lucky to call them friends.

I love how Brock and Bailey are holding hands in this next one.  So sweet!

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