I was so excited about this session for two big reasons.  First, B’s mom came to the session armed with a super cute photo idea.  It was something she saw on Pinterest, and it’s the perfect set-up for a sweet little princess!

But the even bigger reason I was excited about this session is because I simply love this little girl!  Camryn goes to preschool with her big brother, and I’ve been in bible study with her mom for a few years.  She is just the spunkiest, cutest little bundle of two year old energy, and I couldn’t wait to get her behind my camera.  She did not disappoint–even if we had to reschedule our first session attempt because she was just not having anything to do with the camera, or smiles, or happiness on our first try.  But take two was perfect and so much fun!


Thanks for bringing all your two year old energy (which totally provided my exercise for the day!) and being one of the cutest and happiest and most fun (almost) two year old’s in the world!

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