Die Cut Boutique Cards

(any of the 5×7 or 5×5 cards can be ordered without the die cut edges.  Black edges are not a part of the cards.)

5×5 Scalloped Circle-Front

5×5 Scalloped Circle, Back

5×5 Circle, Front

5×5 Circle, Back

5×5 Scalloped Square, Front

5×5 Scalloped Square, Back

5×5 Scalloped Square 2:

5×7 Ornate, Front

5×7 Ornate, Back

5×7 Ornate 2:

5×7 Scalloped, Front

5×7 Scalloped, Back

5×7, Rounded Corner

5×7 Cards, Double or Single Sided

(Mix and match your favorites for the front and the back of your card.)

Dotted Christmas

Christmas Crush

(Love the design but not the colors?  Not to worry!  Colors are completely customizable.)

Christmas Crush Card 1:

Christmas Crush Card 2:

Christmas Crush Card 3:

Christmas Crush Card 4:

Christmas Crush Card 5:

Christmas Crush Card 6:

Whimsical Christmas

Whimsical card 1:

Whimsical card 2:

Whimsical Card 3:

Whimsical Card 4:

Whimsical Card 5:

Whimsical Card 6:

Classic Holiday

Classic Holiday Card 1

Classic Holiday Card 2

Classic Holiday Card 3

Classic Holiday, Card 4

Classic Holiday, Card 5

Classic Holiday, Card 6

Classic Holiday, Card 7

Classic Holiday, Card 8

Candied Christmas

(mix and match, or select coordinating solids or patterns for the back.)

Candied Christmas Card 1:

Candied Christmas Card 2:

Candied Christmas Card 3: