We are getting close

We aren’t to 500 yet, but we are very close….

And Derek, I am not a comment monger! I just thought a little game would be fun.

More blogging later, I just wanted to give an update to the comment game.

500th comment

I am getting pretty close to gettting my 500th comment. Pretty exciting! I’ve decided that whoever leaves me that lucky comment will win a prize. I’m not going to tell you how close it is, but it’s close. So comment away!

So I totally bombed the room a day thing last week. But I finally took some pictures of the living room.

The view from the front entry way, near the dining room.
February 010_1.jpg

See that doorway at the upper right hand side of the above picture? That’s the little hallway that leads to the master bedroom. This is the view of the living room from that hall. There is a little pass through between the living room and the kitchen.
February 019_1.jpg

This is from the kitchen looking towards the front door.
February 015_1.jpg

I had to throw in this one of Derek’s new “baby”. I have to admit that I do enjoy watching 24 on the massive tv!
February 016_1.jpg

This one is taken from the doorway that you can see in the upper right hand corner of the picture above. It leads into the hallway where the other rooms are.
February 011_1.jpg

So there you have it. The room where we spend almost all of our time. Since I took those pictures my mom helped me recover the rocking chair and I have picked out new material for the valences. I’ll have to post pictures of that when it gets done. Last week Connor’s new bedroom stuff came in the mail so that is my next house project. More to come soon!

Really proud of myself

I love photoshop. I just love it. There is something so satisfying about taking a not-so-perfect picture and fixing it all up. Or even taking a good picture and just making it look better or cooler. I am about to flat out brag about how proud I am of this.

Over Christmas break, we decided that it would be fun to take a picture of all the grandkids for my mom. Why we thought this would be fun is beyond me. Madison is the oldest-she just turned 6. Connor is next, at barely 3. Justin is almost 3 and Abby is 2.5. Kayla is almost 1, Logan is 9 months, and Max is 3 months. What an endeavor! We considered going to a studio but then decided to just have my brother take them. We set up the lighting (aka opened the windows), set the backdrop (a white sheet), and put the kids down. Here are a few of the outtakes from the great photo adventure.


After over 100 pictures, we had one good one. That’s right. One. I present to you the unedited version of The Picture.

December 308_1.jpg

And here is my edited version. I am so proud of myself! (You should really click on it. The thumbnail is looking a little grainy to me.)


Wanna see it in black and white?


Oh man, I love photoshop!

California Boy

Whether I want to admit it or not, Connor is a California boy. There are a few things that have happened recently that have confirmed this.

-Every single time we encounter wind, he freaks out. Someone has to hold his hand at all times. He has told us he is scared he will blow away like Pablo’s flute-which is what happens in an episode of Dora the Explorer.

-The other day as we turned off our street he said “Mommy, lets go over the mountains! I want to see the mountains.” In Pasadena, we were right at the foothills. And even though there were lots of days that we couldn’t see them, Connor remembers that they were there.

-He started talking about the beach yesterday and informed me he wanted to go to the beach with Kristin, Patrick, and Noel. Those are the people we hit the beach with this past summer. I suppose we could head down to Galveston, but I know it will just pale in comparison to San Clemente and Huntington.

-Every time it rains, he acts as if it were Christmas morning. In the month we have lived in Houston, I believe there have been about as many rainy days as there are in a year in Cali.

We had this great little rainstorm yesterday. This is definitely one aspect of Houston that I am loving. I really missed the rain and the thunderstorms while we were in Cali. Anyway, yesterday during this big rainstorm, Derek noticed that the lid of the sandbox was off. He didn’t want to go out and get wet (what a sissy!), so I did it. Then I decided that Connor needed to experience playing in the rain. In California, when it rained it was almost always cold as well, so playing in the rain was not smart. I swooped Connor up and we splashed our little hearts out. There is just something so refreshing about playing in the rain.

After our little splashfest, Connor wanted to stay outside and play. So I handed him an umbrella. My California boy stood motionless, simply taking in the Texas rain.

February 005_1.jpg