Blogliners, come see my video. I promise you, it’s a good one!

Edited to add-The song is Capri by Colbie Callait. It’s a great one!

Brain Dead Blogger

It has been brought to my attention that my blogging has been quite delinquent. Let me see if I can write something interesting, perhaps simply stream of consciousness. We had a really great Thanksgiving, full of family, friends, food, a cool ice display and slide, hot chocolate. a movie in the theater, early morning shopping, playing dominoes, and even a few snow flurries. I have so much to be thankful for, and even though I try to remember the blessings in my life daily, it sure is nice to have a whole week of vacation to remind us of everything we have to be thankful for.

The house is about 80% Christmas-ized. The tree is up, but no lights outside yet, and I have a few more things to arrange inside. Connor and Logan decorated a majority of the tree, and it’s all about matches. Which means that ornaments that are the same are all grouped together. It’s classy, for sure. It may not be decorated perfectly, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Okay, this is all I can come up with for now. Check back later in the week-I know there will surely be something blog worthy soon.

How about this cute picture. It was (mostly) unprompted hand-holding. There were no rails, so Connor made sure to hold Logan’s hand so he wouldn’t fall in the water. Every once in awhile they are so sweet to each other!

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Is it a Monday?

First, I woke up after not enough sleep and had to stand outside in the cold to make sure Austin relieved himself. I came inside and decided to take a shower since it had been a full 48 hours since my last shower. I brought A-Dog into the bathroom with me so I could make sure he didn’t poop anywhere. When Derek opened the door, Austin darted out and came back a few minutes later. I knew exactly what I would find once I got out of the shower. Sure enough, he pooped in the dining room, the place he has decided is his own personal potty.

We hear a sound, the boys favorite sound on a Friday morning. It’s the garbage truck. Smiles turned into chin quivers as Connor watched a garbage man pick up his prized painted pumpkin and hurl it into the truck. Apparently, daddy thought it was time to throw away pumpkins, but he didn’t think to put it in a bag so Connor wouldn’t see. It’s the end of Connor’s world this morning. There was weeping. And gnashing of teeth. Thank goodness there was one pumpkin inside that the destroyer-of-pumpkins didn’t find. I imagine this afternoon we will be painting pumpkins again.

Coffee is in order. This is not a good start to the day. At least I smell good. I make my delicious coffee, and despite the frigid weather outside, I really want an iced drink. I open the freezer and recoil in horror. See, we are a bit old-school in ice cube ways. It’s all about the trays, baby. And since our freezer is full of leftovers, meat, and chicken nuggets, I don’t have room for an ice cube bucket. So we freeze and use directly from the trays. As fate would have it, last night was my night to provide soccer team drinks, and I thought it would be a good idea to ice them so they could be cool and refreshing. In the rush to make it to soccer on time, I didn’t fill the trays right away. After soccer, Derek cleaned up the kitchen while I put the kids to bed, and for some unknown reason-perhaps in a plan to ruin my Friday morning-he didn’t refill them either. So now I have a delicious coffee begging for ice, and there is no ice to be found. Thank goodness I married a genius who suggested microwaving my drink. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it will do.

The microwave beeps. I reach in, the mint-chocolate coffee goodness wafting gently to my nose, teasing my tastebuds as to what is about to come. And I burn my hand on the mug. What the duke kind of mug gets hot enough to burn in the microwave??!

I decide some cinnamon toast is just what I need to turn this morning around. As I get to the toaster oven, I see that it is already in use. Being the super patient person that I am, I didn’t make any comments about having to wait for the toaster. Nope, not a single one.

It feels much more like a Monday morning this morning.
It can only go up from here, right?

Photo Shoot

Last week, I decided I wanted to get a picture of the kids for our Christmas cards this year. Gotta love trying!


Here is one I really love of Logan.

More to come…

Today I….

-Woke up at 6:30. That’s when Austin decided he was done being in his crate.
-Enjoyed a delicious coffee drink.
-Made 5 pieces of cinnamon toast.
-Went to Wal-Mart.
-Ate McDonald’s for lunch.
-Actually relaxed during rest time, and even napped briefly.
-Watched my boys play in the rain in their bathing suits.
-Made really good tortilla soup and Mexican rice.
-Washed, dried, folded, and put away 4 loads of laundry.
-Wrapped my son in foil just because he wanted me to.


All in a days’ work….

The Story of Austin

Yup, that’s his name so far. He’s named after Austin from The Backyardigans, and it conveniently flows pretty well with our cat named Dallas.

Monday afternoon I got an email from church about a dog that needed a home. You may remember back in June when we first discussed getting a dog. So the dog idea is not completely new, and I decided to call the family about him. Within 15 minutes, we were at their house playing with him. Clearly, he is super, super cute, but I decided it would be best to talk to Derek about it, and not just have him get home from work and find out I got us a dog. After dinner, we went back over to the family’s house, and 20 minutes later we left with Austin!

We aren’t sure exactly where he came from, what kind of dog he is, or how old he is. He showed up in the yard of a man from church last week. For 4 days, he ignored the dog, hoping he would leave or be found. When nothing happened, he passed him on to the family we got him from who have been wanting a dog. But their daughter is allergic so they couldn’t keep him. And now we have him! For good, I might add.

He is so good! Now, granted, he isn’t house broken yet…but I know that it will only take a few weeks for him to get it. He is so good with the kids, so fun to play with, and so sweet to cuddle with. He doesn’t bark, he sleeps on his little doggy bed at night, and I have not had to sweep my kitchen since he came to live with us! He is such a great little dog for our family!

Next week, I will be taking him to the vet, and maybe they can tell us what and how old he is. Derek and I think we can see chihuahua , dachshund (why isn’t that spelled doxen???), and a smidgen of lab in him.

so that’s that! The story of our newest family member!

Very Important Question

Today I decided to trim my bangs. I got a little scissor happy, so I decided to fix them down rather than side-swept. What do you think? Cute? Or way too 1994?
You can be honest. I promise I won’t spread evil rumors about you if you tell me the truth.


For entertainment purposes, I scanned this page from my 1994-1995 yearbook. I’ve numbered a few key points, Ryan style. (click it if you want to see it bigger)

1. Yours truly. With bangs.
2. Trash on my scanner. Proof of my laziness…I could have rescanned, but no. Y’all get the trash.
3. RyAnn. She was super cool in the 9th grade. It’s amazing we made it through that year and are still best friends.
4. The valedictorian of our class. She was super smart and super nice.
5. I ran into this guy while training for the marathon last year. I hadn’t seen him since 1998.

Back to the question at hand…bangs or no?