all about logan

Last night, Derek said to me, “Meg, are you not getting any comments or what?” And I realized that not only have I been on blog hiatus for the past week, but I also forgot to go and approve all the comments y’all left. So sorry about that! I love and appreciate each and every comment.

So sorry about the lack of blooging, too. (that type makes me laugh so I am leaving it). There’s really no excuse…Derek was out of town again last week, and all I can say is that my brain turns to mush when he’s gone and by the end of every day, I can only muster the strength to read blogs and watch tv.

I’ve been really into lists lately. If I don’t make lists, then I find that I spend my 10 hours of free time doing absolutely nothing except catching up on blogs, watching TLC, and maybe scrapping a bit. So I makes lists of things to do. Then I don’t feel like the laziest wife/mom in America. Even if I spend 80% of my time doing nothing, if a load of laundry gets washed or a room gets vacuumed, I feel good.

So, in honor of my love of lists, here is a list of 20 things about Logan.


1. He loves fruit. He would happily eat fruit only if I let him. He can easily polish off at least a half a carton of strawberries or a half a cantaloupe.
2. He is coordinated and athletic, and I’m not just saying that because I am his mom. He constantly amazes me (and others) with his coordination and skill related to all things athletic.
3. He pronounces bulldozer “bull-da bull-da”.
4. He is funny. The other day, he came out dressed for church and wearing his frog rain boots. He cracked up, we cracked up, and changed into church shoes. Derek and I decided that he really did it just to be funny.
5. He wants to do everything that Connor does. He adores his big brother!
6. He is a little instigator. He picks on Connor as much as Connor picks on him.
7. He is a go-getter. If he sees something that he wants, he goes for it.
8. He loves to be outside.
9. He is a people person. I think the 2.5 hours a week that Connor is at school without him are the worst hours for Logan.
10. The boy loves apple juice.
11. He doesn’t really like chicken unless it is in nugget form.
12. He loves to ride his bike.
13. Every naptime and bedtime, he says “one more minute” at least 5 times. He never wants us to be done tucking him in.
14. He can count backwards from 10 better than he can count forwards from 1.
15. The only song he can sing, start to finish, is Happy Birthday to You.
16. He is constantly bruised and has skinned knees.
17. Everywhere he goes, he runs, just like Forrest Gump.
18. He says “No, I do it” constantly. He is so independent.
19. He has “snaggle teeth” just like Derek and I did as kids, but somehow it looks way cuter on him than it did on either one of us.
20. He adds so much spice to our family. His personality, zest for life, sense of humor, and spunkiness are so endearing. I cannot imagine our family without our crazy, sweet, fun, Logan bug!

Soccer, take 2

Last fall, we signed Connor up for his first season on soccer. While it started out being fun, I wasn’t sure he would ever want to play again.

So here we are a year later. He insisted over and over again that he wanted to play, so we signed him up. His first practice was last night, and it was great! He actually participated in all the drills, laughed, smiled, and just had a super fun time. The pictures:

Little boys in line. Classic.

He and his buddy Tristan working on their throw-ins. I really like the “blue and blue…it matches!” mentality of a 4 year old. And, I also should mention the he wore his soccer jersey from last year all day-he was so pumped up about his first practice!

A little action shot.

Ready to strike at the goal…

But, alas! He sees a cute girl and accidentally kicks it her direction. That’s the way to work it, little man, that’s the way to work it.

Meet Uniqua


Uniqua joined our family this summer. She was a vacation splurge that has become very near and dear to Connor’s heart. She is like an imaginary friend who isn’t imaginary. She talks to him frequently and has opinions about all sorts of things.

About two weeks ago, Connor decided that today is Uniqua’s birthday, and he began counting down just like he does for other important events in his life. Throughout the countdown, I have learned a lot about Uniqua. I learned that she is turning four, and wants to have a party at Jumpin’ Jungle. (uh huh, sure…I see this as an excuse for Connor to go to his most favorite place.) She didn’t want to go to school in Connor’s backpack on her special day, she wanted to stay at home and watch The Backyardigans. (She is, for those of you not familar with all things Nick Jr., a character from the Backyardigans.) Uniqua prefers chocolate chip cookies to cake.

So today we celebrated Uniqua’s birthday. After school, we attempted to make Connor’s Uniqua’s dream come true, but discovered that Jumpin’ Jungle is not open on Mondays. However, since I am going for MOTY (that’s mom of the year to those of you who don’t speak initials), I did not let that stop us. We went to the park, and then to Wendy’s to enjoy Frosties in Uniqua’s honor. And finally, tonight we sang her Happy Birthday and consumed just a bit more sugar in the form of homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Little pink stuffed animal friends…just one of those things at are okay when your 4, and not so okay when your 14.



I was just downloading pictures from my camera, and I came across these two of the boys. I thought it was so funny how they were staring off into space, same expression, same angle, taken at two completely different times. At first, I thought they looked a lot alike. But now that I have them side by side, I can really see their differences. What do you think?


Videos are the new pictures

I really like taking videos with my camera. Here is one of Logan. He was supposed to sing Happy Birthday to Pawpaw (Happy Birthday, Pawpaw! Even if it is a few days late on the blog…) As you can see from the video, Logan was having a 2 year old moment. And he was also too busy picking his nose.

And here is a video of the type of thing I get to listen to all day. It is about two and a half minutes long, but parts of it are so funny. He is most definitely not lacking in the imagination area! I have no clue where he comes up with this stuff.

Happy Friday!

I love green

Here’s a video of my latest house project. I love how it turned out! I forget to mention in the video that I am also going to be changing the fabric of the window treatments, and re-painting the dining room a color that coordinates a little better. Oh, and the color looks really yellow over the fireplace because of the light-it’s actually very, very green.

Where are the fashion police?

I am one lucky girl.
Not every girl could pull of such a great shade of coral.
Not every girl could rock those puffy sleeves, drop waist, and bow.
The bangs.
The white hose.
The white flats that I am sure came from my mom’s closet.
Not every girl has a step-sister who had such an awesome prom dress. I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to borrow it. That is generosity at it’s finest.: allowing a family member to wear a dress that will surely be the subject of laugher in the future. That way you aren’t the only one with embarrassing pictures. Cindi, I truly hope that you have this dress in a closet somewhere. Do you think this will every come back into style?

**Picture from Kaleidoscope, May 14, 1994. Exactly 15 months after I donned this dress, I went on my first date with Derek. If only I had known that I would soon meet the man I would marry. I would have held onto this beauty and dazzled Derek for sure!**

The Littlest Mooker

DSC_4707_web.jpgTo get the full effect of this conversation, you need to imagine Derek’s most enthusiastic dad-voice.

D-Who’s ready to go ride bikes? I am!!

L-I am!!

D-Who has their shoes on? I do!!

L-I do!!

D-Who’s excited? Me!!


D-Who’s the biggest dirtbag??


He is one smart cookie. He clearly understands that D is the biggest dirtbag in this family. 🙂

make mama proud


A few weeks ago, PawPaw took Connor and I to the planetarium. I think I mentioned it in another post, but some parts of the movie were actually quite intense. The opening scene showed an animation of what happens inside the astronauts bodies during take-off. Keep in mind that the screen is encircling us, and to a very imaginative 4 year old, the animation looked a lot like monsters and crazy lightening. Not to mention the volume of the movie. Connor was screaming hysterically “I want to leave! I want to leave!” and I know he wasn’t disturbing any of the other patrons. Armed with my best mommy-soothing skills, I got him calmed down quickly and for the most part he enjoyed the remaining 25 minute movie.

There was one part where a cartoon astronaut illustrated all of the dangers of space travel. You know, like if there is a tear in the space suit, you would turn to ice. Or you could float away in space. The shuttle could be hit by a meteor. You could burn up. And so on and so forth. Connor leans over to says,

Mommy? I just don’t think I want to be an astronaut anymore. I just want to be a garbage man instead.”

C, whatever you grow up to be, just glorify God and do your very best every day. That will make mama proud.