Giddy {League City TX Children’s Photographer}

From the very start of this session, I knew it was going to be amazing.  These two were just the sweetest, snuggliest brother and sister ever!  They are just one year apart in age, and while I’m sure they have their moments of typical sibling rivalry, I have a hard time imagining them being anything other than 100% sweet and loving to each other.


When asked to give each other hugs and kisses, they dove right in.  I about died of the cuteness when this happened.


And when I told P to run and give her big brother J a hug, she did just that.  Look at the joy on his face!  So sweet.


These two were quite simply just so much fun.  I am convinced there is something really special about kids who are born just one year apart.  They don’t know what life is like without the other, and I think that bond is something even greater than the regular brother/sister bond.  They will go through life side by side.  What a gift!


Of course, I had to get individual pictures, too.  Miss P.  The hat…the sweet little grin…the little curls…it’s too much!  vaughan-2-blog

And handsome Mr. J.  If there is one thing I love in this world, it’s three year old boys.  He’s such a little man-child, and I love it.    vaughan-12-blog

I’m really borderline obsessed with these two and the photos we captured.  My husband can vouch for me that I came home from our session positively giddy.  If it wouldn’t be completely weird, I might just print their photos and hang them up on my own walls .  (I promise I’m not that crazy!  Don’t be frightened!)  I think you get my point. 🙂  It was a magical session with two magical little friends.  I couldn’t love my job more.

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