Perfect Beach Day

Monday in Destin was pretty cloudy and rainy.  We spent the majority of the day shopping at a great outlet mall.  (I am trying to write this quickly and I can’t think of anything more creative or witty to say about Monday.  Plus it’s been a solid two weeks, so remembering what we did is going to be a challenge!)

Tuesday morning it was cloudy again, so we took a nice walk down to the beach.  By the time I got there with Camryn (Noel, Patrick, and Logan had gone ahead of us), the sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds.  We were all so happy!  I love this picture of Camryn from our walk to the beach.

And this one taken on the beach is equally as cute (in my very unbiased opinion, of course.)

We all stuck our toes in the water…

And before long, Logan was in the water, clothes on and all.  I called my mom and Derek and they started organizing and packing stuff up to spend the morning at the beach.  For some reason, I only have pictures of Logan from the rest of our day.  I remember Camryn played in the sand, and Derek dug a giant hole for her.  Connor and Logan played in the water tons, and I mostly sat and enjoyed the beautiful day, watching the kids, and reading my book.

Logan the boogy boarder.  He was really good at catching the waves!  He would stay in the water until he was turning blue and shivering.  Then he would come out and warm up for a few minutes, and then run right back into the water.  I can say confidently he loved the beach most of all.

I love this picture of him.  You can see the joy all over his face.

He had a couple of good wipeouts (like any good ocean loving boy.)

But it never stopped him for long.

We left the beach in the early afternoon, just as it was getting packed beyond belief.  Destin+spring break=major crowds.  But it didn’t stop us from having a ton of fun!

getting there

We were up and and ’em bright and early on Saturday morning for the drive to Florida.  I’m always pleasantly surprised by my kids on long car trips.  I mean, they really do have it made with the dvd player, iphones/itouch, dsi, etc.  We also stop every few hours to stretch, pee, eat, and play.  That means it takes us a little longer overall, but happy kids=happy traveling.

We stopped for lunch at the Louisiana/Mississippi border (sidenote: it has become clear to me that I do not know how to spell Louisiana.  I spell it Louisana every time.  Two i’s, Megan.  Two i’s.)  Anyway, they had the most amazing azalea bush in full bloom, which means I had to get out my camera and take pictures.

I also attempted to get a picture of the kids in front of the flowers.  I had my expectations set pretty low seeing as we had been in the car for about 6 hours already.  So what ensued was no surprise to me.

And finally, one good one where it looks like we are raising a bunch of super athletes or something.  We did play a little ball the moment I released them from the picture taking torture.

Cami wanted to play hide and seek and find all the cool hiding spots.

Soon enough we were back on the road.  The next stop is my very favorite.  It’s cloaked in childhood memories.  We drove to Florida every year at spring break to visit my grandma.  It’s only as an adult that I realize how lucky we were that she lived about 20 minutes inland from Destin in the cutest little town called Niceville.  Every year we would stop at the battleship, eat, run, play, and feed the seagulls.  And before the battleship is the Mobile tunnel which I also love.  As a kid, the battleship was the highlight of the drive every year.  Because honestly, there really wasn’t any other good part of that drive back in the 80s except playing Mad Libs.

One of my lovely children was having a…shall we say…moment while at the battleship.

The other two, however, took a picture with me.

And Camryn took one of Derek and I.  I look totally road-trip scrubby, but it seems like pictures of the two of us are few and far between these days, so I’m posting it.

Just a few hours later, we arrived in beautiful Destin (okay, it was dark and cloudy when we arrived, but I just know it’s beautiful.)

I wish we were still there

I know that there are about a million things I’ve missed blogging about in the last month.  Things like the staples Logan had to get in his head after a trampoline accident followed by strep throat and a cold making it’s way through our family.  Soccer and baseball season have started, and we got a new car kind of on a whim even though we’ve talked about it off and on for awhile.  Maybe I’ll come back and blog about that stuff, but for now, I want to share these pics of the kids.  We got back late Saturday night from a week in Florida.  We spent 5 days in Destin and 2 days in Tallahassee visiting family.  On our first day in Destin, we of course had to check out the beach.  It’s been 5 years since my kids have seen any beach besides Galveston.

The fact that when I called his name, he turned, saw my camera and smiled tells me that Destin is a magical place.

And then he did the same thing.  It seemed too good to be true.

Camryn and her buddy Noel.  Camryn kept on forgetting her name and would call her “my friend”.

I wasn’t sure how Camryn would like the water–it was really cold!  But just after that picture of her and Noel, she turned and ran to me.

Yup, it’s a magical place indeed.

It was a wonderful spring break.