Oh, roomate, this is going to be good!

Everyone, meet Shauna.


I met Shauna sometime around 1993. We went to chruch camp together every summer. I think when I first met Shauna, I was really intimidated by her. She was really, really pretty and had all these older friends and boyfriends. But sometime during our years at camp, we became friends. We would pretty much only see each other that one time a year until 1998 when we decided to be college roomates. (and yes, I know roomate is supposed to have 2 m’s, but we always spell it with one. And we still call each other roomate.) Here we are at camp in 1998-the summer before our roomate adventures began.


And here we are on the day we moved in together. Notice the cute matching bedspreads.


I have so many fun memories with Shauna, and I know I had pictues of a lot of these, but I can’t find them! I remember painting fun murals on contact paper for our room. I remember one night challenging her to a handstand contest. I was actually really good at handstands, but Shauna had been a gymnast for years and years and didn’t think I could beat her. Well, she was right. I totally ate it, and had the most intense rug burn ever because of it. I remember guest night in our dorm when we put up a sign in the hallway and in our window, advertising our cute selves. I remember our fish Tyrone ( and Tyrone Jr. and Tyrone the third a.k.a. Trey…) I think Shauna won Tyrone somehow and we loved him. We took him home with us for Thanksgiving, and unfortunately when we got back to Abilene, Tyrone had left his earthly body. We had a burial ceromony for him, complete with songs and eulogy.


Oh, the fun we had! We only lived together for freshman year. Sophomore year, we lived next door to each other and I am pretty sure that we both wished we had stuck together. I left ACU halfway through our sophomore year and moved to Cali. But by then, we had formed a lifelong friendship and have kept in touch. She is one of the most amazing people I know. She is funny, loving, kindhearted, real, a wonderful mother, and beautiful on the inside and out. I am a better person for knowing Shauna.

We will always be roomates forever in my heart.


And totally random, but sort of related…remember my post last week about Blake? I found a picture of all 3 of us. And a cute one at that!


And I found this picture of my little brother and her little sister. I don’t remember them ever being good friends, but I think when people are at camp, they can just be bff’s for the week.



Run!, originally uploaded by Mamameg.

This picture pretty much sums up the fun the kids had this weekend. It was so great having Shauna, Kip, Mackenzie, and Chase visit us. And it was even better getting to have girl time yesterday at a baby shower. It’s been way too long since I had a few hours without the boys, and I must say that I enjoyed every second of it! I feel completely rejuvenated after having almost the whole day to myself yesterday. And that sure benefits the whole family ’cause if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobobdy happy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow is Memory Lane Monday, dedicated to the one and only Shauna

Ace of Spades

When I was 12, I ran over a cockroach while riding my bicycle. This wasn’t just any cockroach. It was a pregnant one, and when I ran over her, eggs spewed out all over the place.

When I was 17, I ran over a frog with my moms car. The crunch the frog made under my tires still haunts me.

Tonight something happened that trumps both of those experiences.

I went to get the mail tonight and on the way out, I noticed a lizard on our door. That’s neat, I thought. After I get the mail, I’ll get my camera and take a picture of it for Connor. He’ll really like that a lizard lives on our door at night. When I opened the door, the lizard got a little startled and started running. I quickly closed the door. I think lizards are okay little creatures, but I certainly don’t want one inside my house running around. I went to get my camera, and when I got to the door I noticed a little lizard leg poking in. Oh no, I thought. His leg is caught. it was much, much worse than a caught leg. When I hastily closed the door, I completely smushed him. Guts hanging out, blood on my door smushed him. He was still twitching.

I immediately called Derek, who happens to be out of town. I was freaking out and I didn’t know what to do. Leave him? But I couldn’t do that. I could see his leg from inside my house and he would get all dried and crusty before Derek get’s home. Derek said just to get a paper towel and pick him of. Ummm…hello?! I can barely do that with dead spiders, much less 5 inch, sitll a bit alive, smashed lizards! I decided I would get the hose and spray him off. But then I realized that he was stuck in such a way that with my door closed he completely disappers (minus the leg). If I try to spray him off with the hose, I will soak the inside of our nice, new house. Not gonna happen.

So what did I do? First I called my sister to share the horrific situation and predicament. Then, I went to the neighbors house. The neighbor who I have only talked to one time, whose name I honestly can’t remember right this second. Being a nice, southern gentleman, he graciously agreed to help me get the lizard off the door. His two boys (ages 8 and 10) came with us. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. Blood, guts, and small amphibians. Does it get much better?

In my book, the lizard trumps the roach and the frog.

Take a trip with me

Down memory lane. I’ve been trying to think of a catchy title for some blogging that I am going to do every week. Today I will call it Memory Lane Monday. But I also considered “People who’ve made in impact on my life one way or another.” But that’s a little long.

I think I’ve been inspired by two things. First, my old friend Sarah coming to visit for a bit last week. And second, my friend Suzanne’s blog from a few days ago. I’ve decided that once a week I am going to dig up some old pictures and just take a little trip.

This week’s destination is my most major and longest lasting crush (besides Derek.) Meet Blake.

blake1.jpg I don’t even remember exactly when we met. We went to church together forever, and I had the biggest crush on him all through Junior High. But he never really liked me except in a friendly/sisterly sort of way. He did like my best friend RyAnn for awhile, and amazingly enough we are still friends even though she stole my first love. I would get so nervous anytime I would see him. I would sometimes plan my route to my classes in order to bump into him. One time in 9th grade he complimented me on my glasses. You better believe I wore them all the time if I thought I would see him! I, of course, tried to play it cool anytime we talked. I’m not sure Blake ever knew that I had such a crush on him until we were in high school. We ended up being really great friends, and I confessed my junior high feelings. I am sure that we had a good laugh about it.


I haven’t seen Blake in several years now, but I happen to know that he is getting married this summer. I’m sure we’ll run into each other someday, and we can laugh again about how much I liked him. The great unrequited love of my life.


Thurman Crew, originally uploaded by Mamameg.

Back in December, we had a Thurman family photo shoot with Derek’s immediate family, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Look how great it turned out! Everyone smiling, looking so happy, sitting so nicely. But, my friends, this is all just a facade. The realtiy of professional pictures is much, much uglier. It consists of crying kids, closed eyes, frustrated parents, and irritated photographers who pretend not to be irritated. But as soon as we see the beautiful end result, we forget about the difficutly of acheiving the sought after perfect family photo.

Us, originally uploaded by Mamameg.

But you know what? Our family is not perfect. Our days are messy and chaotic. We lose our tempers, stomp our feet, and shout out in frustration. Our clothes are stained, our hair is messy, and sometimes our armpits stink. And while I really love our family picture, there is a picture from that day that I love just as much because it’s real.

Real Family pic, originally uploaded by Mamameg.


It was bound to happen. 8:15 pm. Boys tucked in tight. A crash and a cry. You know the one. The hurt cry, the one where you run to your child. Blood running out of his mouth, down his face. I swoop him up and see the gash on his chin. He’s hysterical and can’t even tell me what happened. All I know is the cut is deep and we need stitches. I call James. What an amazing blessing to have a brother who is a pediatric ER doctor, who lives 15 minutes away, and who works at the neighborhood hospital. But, he’s not working tonight. He asked me to send a picture of the cut so he can see how bad it is. By now, Connor is calm and telling us what happened. “I jumped over my train track and smashed into my bunkbed.” James calls back. It’s not too bad, he says. Bring him over for some dermabond. Derek and Connor hop in the car and are home within the hour. I will say it again. James is such a blessing.

Connor was tuckered out after the excitement. He had a lollipop to eat on they way home and he didn’t even take one lick of it. But I am certain that he will ask for it first thing in the morning.

So here’s to our first real emergency. It took more than three years. I hate to say it, but I am sure that it won’t be the last.

Valentine’s day certainly was memorable this year!

Asparagus Green, I love you

I love the feeling of finishing a decorating project. I hate the little cuts on my hands from the wallpaper scraper. I hate the sore muscles from 5 coats of paint. But I love aspragus green. Goodbye boats, hello trucks, trains, and planes.

I decided today that I would buy Derek a grill for Valentine’s Day and make a nice steak dinner tonight. Nobody told me that it’s not grill season and they would be too dang expensive. So a 45 minute trip to Home Depot resulted only in a frustrated me, a tired Logan, and a hungry Connor. Well, that and the beginnings of what I hope will be a vegetable garden. Peas, green beans, tomatoes, squash, spinach, carrots, and cucumbers. I am excited to get my hands dirty and see the little sprouts of a home grown garden.

End of day one

I feel like I am on Trading Spaces. I decided that today was the big day for Connor’s room. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with Connor, I have wanted to decorate a kid’s room. This is my very first chance and I am having so much fun! I have already ordered and received Connor’s bedding and wallpaper border. The only thing left was paint, so the C-man and I headed to Loews this morning. I couldn’t decide between red or green paint so I let Connor choose. He chose green, and I’m happy. It’s called aspargus and I love it. I decided to go with a really light blue above the border and I love that too. I cannot wait to see the finished room!

February 101_1.jpg

In other fun news…yesterday I watched my friend Sarah’s little girl, Piper. Isn’t she the cutest?
February 106_1.jpg

Sarah and I haven’t talked in over two years, but she is one of those friends where it just doesn’ t matter. It felt like old times. Good friends like that are such a blessing! Derek asked how it was hanging out with Sarah and I said it was just like old times. His response made me laugh-“Oh, so you listened to loud music, spun around a lot, and drew butterflies?” Ha. We did like to spin back in the day and listen to music and I always wanted Sarah to draw me a butterfly tattoo…anyway, it was great spending time with an old friend and her precious daughter.

Derek and I even took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. How’s that for some fun babysitting!

February 130_1.jpg

Connor loved having a friend over, too. He and Derek had this funny conversation today about how he liked Piper, but he wasn’t going to marry her, he is going to marry Malia (my best friend in Cali’s little girl). Connor is so funny.

February 119_1.jpg

Speaking of funny things that Connor says and does, I’ve been meaning to get a few things down in the blog for awhile but it never went with the topic. Since this is a total mish mash of stuff, here’s some funny Connor stories.

Don’t even think about calling this his hat and his slippers. No sir…they are rocket zoomers. Rocket zoomer shoes and his rocket zoomer hat.

February 033_1.jpg

The other day I gave Logan a bath in a sink after I found him playing in the toilet that hadn’t been flushed…that’s a whole other story. Anyway, Connor was enthralled with it and insisted that he also get a bath in the sink.

I know that there are more funny things I was going to talk about, but my mind is getting numb. Must….sleep…now.


Jennifer had the 500th comment!

Roomate, you were 501 and 502…so close.

And, Jennifer, you are a winner also becasue you saw Ross Gellar in my teeth. Oh man, I crack myself up! Would y’all still me friends with me if I did that to my teeth?

So, Jennifer-a prize is headed your way! And Janelle, I know I haven’t sent you yours yet from the laundry contest, but it’s coming also. !

Someone please laugh

I was actually just crying a minute ago because I think I am so freaking funny. So someone better laugh at this. This is what happens when I learn a new trick in photoshop and I have too much time on my hands.

What (or should I say who) does this remind you of?