3:45 a.m.

I feel a little tap on my arm, followed by a whispered “mommy? mommy?”
I had only been asleep for about 3 hours. I forced my reluctant eyes open.
“mommy? There’s a crab in my bed. It snapped at my clothes.”

That was the first of four conversations I got to have with my dear children between 3:45 and 6:15.
God love ’em.
I’m glad today is a school day for them.

(Emily and anyone else who was wondering…Logan is going to mother’s day out Mondays and Wednesdays, and Connor is going to preschool Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 🙂

All Quiet

Both kids are at school today! They were so excited, and did great with the drop off. Logan didn’t even look back! It made me just a little sad that my baby didn’t even flinch when I dropped him off, but I guess it’s better than hysterically crying. He is such a big boy. Here are a few pictures from this morning.


I love how Connor is talking to Logan in this one.

Thumbs up for first day of school.


Now the big question is, should I veg and watch a little tv, or should I clean the house? For now, I think vegging wins. 🙂

Bowling night

Last night, we went bowling. It was so much fun! Connor especially loved it. After he bowled, he would jump and twit and breakdance until the ball got to the end. After every turn, he danced with joy. I think adults would find bowling more fun if they reacted like a 4 year old when hitting even a single pin.

After this:

Do something like this:

Logan was more interested in his cool shoes…

But after eating some pizza, he was all smiles.

The fun factor was really high last night. Definitely something to do again. In fact, Connor has his bowling birthday part all planned out, complete with guest list, type of invitations (they need to look like a bowling pin) kind of cake (one with strawberries on it), and decorations (balloons and 10,000 streamers that shoot into the air.) Knowing Connor, he will actually remember every one of these details when December rolls around!

On a completely different note, today while Derek cleaned out toys from under the entertainment center, he found what he thought was a Lincoln log. But upon closer inspection, it was actually a Vienna sausage. Reason number 32 why kids shouldn’t eat in the living room…

I wanna be like Suzanne


***Picture from Prom 1997***

Since girls weekend just a few weeks ago, have adopted a lot of Suzanne things. For instance, I now use Burt’s Bees facial products. love their Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, their Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub, and their Parsley Blemish Stick.

I also purchased Bare Minerals make-up, and I love it so much.

And finally, I got my hair cut. I don’t know if this is just like Suz’s hair, but it was just time for a cut. At first, I wasn’t so sure about it-it was a little shorter than I thought it would be. But, 4 days later, I love it! I think the kicker is it only takes me 10 minutes to fix. Gotta love that for sure!


So, thanks a bunch, Suzanne. I feel like a new woman with my new stuff!

I just spent the last hour going through a huge box of stuff from my mom’s house. It is chock full of pictures, notes, and yearbooks from back in the day. I was cracking up looking through it! I have some good blog material for the next few weeks, that’s for sure!

It was good

**I wrote this 2 days ago and forgot to publish it. **

Tomorrow morning, the kids and I head back home after spending 5 days with the fam. We had a super great time visiting everyone. I present to you, in list format, the highlights:

-Water park with the kiddos.
-Dinner out with RyAnn
-Megan Day. Nonny and Pops watched the kiddos all day on Friday while I had what I call Megan Day. I drank coffee at Starbucks while enjoying a book. I shopped. I met my parents for lunch. I shopped some more. I got my eyebrows waxed. And then got to enjoy a delicious meal with my in-laws (aka Nonny and Pops.) It was a great day.
-a trip to the planetarium with Connor and Nick. I have such a funny story to tell about the planetarium, but it deserves it’s own post.
-eating at Chipotle
-fun family dinner made with mom and Nick’s fancy new pots.
-seeing old friends at church
-3 Strawberry Cheesecake Plunge snocw ones. What’s a plunge, you ask? There is ice cream at the bottom of a snow cone. I was not a believer in The Plunge until Patrick introduced me. It’s amazing!
-lots and lots of Prison Break
-Eating at Chapp’s
-My nephew Max’s birthday party


It was a great trip!

An Equation





Really Happy Meg.

Seriously. So good. I put Prison Break on hold at the library at the very beginning of the summer, and it finally came in. I had no idea how good this show would be. I am 5 episodes into the first season and I can’t wait to see what happens. I think I could stay up all night watching it. Now I am on a mission to watch season 2 before season 3 starts.

And the Chocolate Turtle Chex? Wow. Again, I had no idea. I could probably put away an entire bag in one sitting.

That shouldn’t be surprising, since apparently I can really put the food away. Just read the comments in the volleyball post if you don’t believe me. I’ve got two friends vouching for my ability to eat like a pig. 🙂

How it all began

Almost 15 year ago exactly, I tried out for the Young Junior High school volleyball team. I had no idea if I would make the team or not, but I am certain that in my 12 years of life there was nothing I had ever wanted more. Except maybe to be a Double Dare contestant. Or to set the all time record for number of skip-its in a row.


I remember the way my heart pounded as I raced across the courtyard to the gym. And by race, I mean walked briskly enough to be right there when the list was posted, but not fast enough to mess up my perm or displace my bow. The list went up. Girls were screaming. There were tears of sorrow and of joy as delicate pre-teens learned the fate of their 7th grade year. I scanned the list with bated breath. And there it was. Megan Vincent. Proud to be a Young Eagle.

I have so many fun vb memories, even from the horrible Jr. High years. I remember the early morning practices in 7th grade, because the 8th and 9th graders got to have the gym in the afternoon. I remember moving on to High School and wondering if I would make it there. (I won’t mention how much I sat the bench during my senior year on varsity…a state championship team including 4 who would go on to play Division 1 College ball…let’s just say that I definitely saw more bench time than court time.) That sucked at times for sure, but I loved the game so much. I was happy just to practice, just to be involved. I remember the way my heart broke when we lost our very last game. I knew I would never be in the sport like I had been for the previous 6 years.

Then I moved onto ACU. I sort of wanted to play college ball, but ACU didn’t offer a scholarship, and 18 months after that I got married and moved to Cali. I transferred to APU and thought about walking onto the team. This goes down as one of my regrets. I chickened out. I Got scared of failing and not making it. I never even pursued it, even though I thought about it constantly and felt twinges of sadness every time I saw a player. In 2001, I made a connection through church and landed a volleyball coaching job. For the next 4 years, I coached the Freshmen and then the JV team at a private school. I loved being back in the game. I loved that I could still hit, even when I was pregnant. A good game could still get my blood pumping. I loved my girls. It was a fantastic job for those 4 years.

Now, it’s 3 years later. I pretty much have not played at all. However, that is changing. Our church has a group that plays every Sunday night, and it is so much fun. We played for 2.5 hours tonight. Some games were easy, some were intense. Only the die-hards played until the end. It felt so good to connect with the ball and put it down on the other side. It’s so satisfying to pick up a dig. There is a tiredness that can only come from sports that my body craves. Competition is something I have always enjoyed. But the part that makes my heart the happiest is the fellowship with others over a game that I love. It doesn’t get much better than that.

15 years later, I am reminded once again how much I love volleyball. Even though I sometimes pee in my pants when I jump.

Maybe I’m not so bad…

Amy, I didn’t even know you read my blog! I have loved your scrappy work forever, and thanks so much for this. She tagged me as a…


And I am supposed to shout out and tag 5 others that I think are rockin. So, I tag:

How am I supposed to pick only 5? You want a list of all the girl blogs I read? I am too lazy to link them all, but here is a list of names….Annalee, Corrinne, Cindi, Becca, Shauna, Audria, Stephanie, Kimberly, Meredith, Danielle, Becky, Robin, Carrie, Julie, Suzanne, Missy, Jennifer, Chelsea, Sarah, Mary Beth, Suzanne with quads, Maggie, RyAnn, Juli Beth, Darcy, Kayla Aimee, Susan, Laura, Mindy, Staci, Tracy, Martha, and Noel. I actually think there are more…I am a complete blog addict.

Anyone want a pretty pink icon and a boost? Then considered yourself tagged as a rockin’ girl blogger!

Several of the blogs I read have recently done 100 things about me posts. I love posts like that. I did my own 100 things post back in 2005. Wanna read it? Some of the things are no longer true…is that weird that after only 2 years it’s outdated? Weird, huh.

How about a few scrapbook pages? It’s been a long time since I posted any pages.





I am officially procrastinating. I need to do a page tonight…I should probably get started since it’s already 10:30. We had some friends over for dinner tonight, which not only means fun for the whole family, but it also means that the house is all picked up and smells like candles and cookies. I love candles and cookies.

toys, anyone?


I think I am done Christmas shopping. You are looking at our new collection of Rescue Heroes toys. A friend from church called me the other day, offering us all of that for $50! They are moving and her kids have outgrown it. Total score for us! I have no clue where we are going to put of all this once it’s not in the attic. But I think my pretend play loving boys are going to love all of this. I am not sure the picture really does justice to how much stuff this is…the space it spans is about 10 feet wide. And that big tower reaches at least to my knees. There will definitely be some major purging and organizing happening before December rolls around!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I haven’t been feeling very creative in my writing…sometimes my own blog bores me so I take a little break.

Both kids are napping right now…I should go clean something, fix a gourmet dinner…something productive. But this happens so rarely that I think I will sit right here on the couch and watch one of my new favorite shows, Take Home Chef.

Life with boys

We walked to the pool today. On the way, one of the boys picked up a dried, crusty worm and offered it to me with a sweet smile upon his face. Not even 15 seconds later, the other boy offered me a pink flower that had fallen off of a tree. Can you guess who gave what?

I love my boys so much. Crusty worms, flowers, boogers, hugs, bumped heads, fights, explosion sounds 24/7, races everywhere we go, matchbox cars, trains, sound effects for everything, and messes. All part of my everyday.