sweet baby girl {Pearland Baby Photographer}

I loved spending the afternoon with this precious baby girl and her mom!  At 4.5 months old, she was sweet and snuggly and just perfect.

Even when Miss K threw us all for a loop and got a little fussy and took an unexpected nap, we just rolled with it.  That’s the thing with these baby sessions.  We all know who’s boss, and it isn’t any of the grown ups in the room!

She could come to my newborn sessions and give a few lessons in sleeping soundly.  It was just a quick little power nap, but she was out like a light!  And will you please check out those eyelashes?  Gorgeous!

Once she woke up from her little power nap, she was ready to flash those sweet little smiles.

And she was ready to play with her toes.  I love to toe-playing stage!

She can even sweetly grab her toes in a basket.  She’s clearly mastered the art of the toe-grab.

There simply isn’t much cuter that a chubby, happy, toe-grabbing baby.  And that’s a fact.

Kicking off the summer {Galveston Family Beach Photographer}

It always feels like the start of my summer season once I head down to Galveston for an extended family beach session.  This family was wonderful!  There was lots of laughter (and a few tears from the littlest ones in the bunch), but at the end of the night, I walked away with the content happy feeling I get after a session like this.  I love watching families kick back on vacation.

The big group photo was of course a priority.

But I love the part that comes after the more traditional, posed session time.  I love interacting with the kids and working with the individual families.

And I love when parents let the kids get all the way in the water and go to town at the end of the session.  They always have such a blast!

I left the session feeling so content and happy and blessed that I get to do this for my job.  I can honestly say there is nothing else I’d rather do.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful session!  I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with you.

Another year has come and gone

I can’t believe the school year is done already!  This year flew by so fast.  The boys both had a great year.  We loved their teachers, they made great friends, learned a lot, had fun, and grew and grew and grew.  it’s hard to believe I now have a 2nd and a 4th grader!  Seems like just yesterday they were these tiny little boys.

tiny boys

And now here is Logan on his last day of first grade:

And Connor on his last day of third grade:

Camryn wanted to get in on the picture taking action, but of course Logan wanted nothing to do with it.  But I love this picture of Connor and Cami (please take note of how Camryn has layered shorts and a dress over her pj’s.  She takes great pride in her ability to dress herself!)

And just because it’s always fun to compare, here is Logan on his first day of first grade:

Logan's first day

And Connor on his first day.  I think every year Connor’s first day of school picture is similar to this.  Have I mentioned that he has a tough time with transitions and change?  The beginning of a new year is always a little rough on him.   The August humidity is also rough on my camera, hence the hazy quality of my first day of school pictures.

Connor's first day

Every year, I bring my camera to the bus stop on the last day of school.  Logan saw me with the camera, and this was the best I got.  Little stinker!

Connor, on the other hand, was much better about playing along with my incessant need to photograph all these little milestones in life.

We are almost done with week one of summer, and so far it’s been great!  Logan has been at basketball camp all week, and he loves it.  Swim team is in full swing, and both boys did amazing at the first meet last weekend.  I’m sure that I will be good and ready for the school year to begin come August, but for now, we are loving summer vacation!

Is there anything sweeter? {Houston Newborn Photographer}

I’ve been so excited about this little guy coming into the world.  I’m so lucky that I’ll get to watch him grow up, and before I know it, our own little guy (due this fall!) will be riding bikes outside with his sweet friend D.  And I’m sure D’s mom and I will sit out front in our folding chairs and reminisce about the days when our boys were so tiny.  I’m so glad I had to opportunity to capture him in all his tiny-ness.  He was just 8 days old at our session, and did great with giving us some great, big, alert eyes, and then settling down to sleep.  We even got some sweet pictures with his big brother who just turned 3. 

I think it’s a good thing that I’m already pregnant, or my baby fever would be through the roof after this session!  He is a little bundle of perfection, and I loved getting to snuggle him for the afternoon.


Olympic bound, 2024

I’m just sure that someday these pictures are going to be famous once Camryn makes it to the 2024 summer Olympics (which will be held in Paris, by the way. Awesome! Vacation in Paris!)

Oh wait…as much as she loves gymnastics, she’s kind of a giant plus I think we as a family lack the focus and attention (not to mention funds) it would take to bring up an Olympic gymnast. But either way, she loved gymnastic this year. On the last class of the year, parents get to come in all paparazzi-like, which of course was right up my ally.

She worked all year long on her backwards roll, and she finally got to ring the bell a few weeks ago.  The kids get to ring the bell when they do something all by themselves.  She talked and talked and talked about getting to ring that bell.   (Please never tell her that I might have been busy talking to a friend during that particular class and technically missed the big bell-ringing moment.  Bad mom alert!)

She’s got a little more work to do on her cartwheel, but she sure goes for it.

Love the concentration here.

At the end of the class, they had a medal ceremony for all the kids.

She’s got her finishing pose down pat.

One last picture with coach David.  She loves coach David!

We loved taking gymnastics with our friend Brock.  We had a standing Monday date at the gym and then “chicken lay” aka “chick a lay” aka Chick-fil-a.  I’m bummed that next year they will go to preschool on opposite days so we won’t be able to enroll in the same class again.

We’ll just have to plan to meet up in Paris 2024.