sweet baby girl {Pearland Baby Photographer}

I loved spending the afternoon with this precious baby girl and her mom!  At 4.5 months old, she was sweet and snuggly and just perfect.

Even when Miss K threw us all for a loop and got a little fussy and took an unexpected nap, we just rolled with it.  That’s the thing with these baby sessions.  We all know who’s boss, and it isn’t any of the grown ups in the room!

She could come to my newborn sessions and give a few lessons in sleeping soundly.  It was just a quick little power nap, but she was out like a light!  And will you please check out those eyelashes?  Gorgeous!

Once she woke up from her little power nap, she was ready to flash those sweet little smiles.

And she was ready to play with her toes.  I love to toe-playing stage!

She can even sweetly grab her toes in a basket.  She’s clearly mastered the art of the toe-grab.

There simply isn’t much cuter that a chubby, happy, toe-grabbing baby.  And that’s a fact.

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