I love being a girl

Last night, I took a 30 minute bath while watching The Bachelor. Yes, that’s right. Not only does my bathroom have an awesome jacuzzi tub…there is a tv in there. It’s a pretty sweet set up if you ask me!

January 001_1.jpg

January 002_2.jpg

After the bath, I plucked my eyebrows, put on some self tanner, and gave myself a nice pedicure.

And then I put on what Derek calls my “pink hoochie” shorts. Just imagine pink shorts that a 16 year old cheerleader would wear. But I really love them. They are so soft and fun and girly.

I love being a girl!

Road Trippin’

This weekend, we loaded up the party van for a little roadtrip to Abilene. Oh, the excitement of A-town! Derek had a science convention (which I lovingly called a nerd convention…) at Abilene Christian University-his alma mater and where I went until we got married. It was acutally pretty fun to go back. I have so many fun memories there, even though I was only at ACU for 3 semesters. But we had a good time. We hung out with my brother and Noel, went to the Abilene Zoo, found some college girl baby-sitters who were awesome so we could go out sans kids. The ride home was a little rough-6 hours is definitely a long time to be in the car when your a kid! It was so good to pull into the driveway and feel like we were home. It feels like home here and I love that!

Let me just talk about the Abiliene Zoo for a minute. Connor loved it! It’s got all the zoo essentials-giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras, bison, flamingos, lions, bears, etc. You can buy these crackers and feed all the animals, which was also a big hit. But it had to be the most depressing zoo I have ever been to. All the animals are in these tiny cages and, expect for the bison, Abilene is a far cry from their natural habitats. I don’t even understand how the zoon can stay open there. It costs $2 to get in, and there were probalby under 50 people there on Saturday afternoon. It was so crazy! Totally different than the LA zoo, that’s for sure!

I will leave you with a few pictures of our weekend adventure.

Oh man, these elephants are so cool!
January 132_1.jpg

Patrick and Connor doing a little turtle watching. Connor probably sat here for 10 minutes just watching the turtles. What’s more exciting-bird watching or turtle watching?
January 079_1.jpg

Our little Captain Disaster. Yes, that is his playpen in the bathroom. Where else is he supposed to take a nap when Connor is playing in the hotel room? I opened to door to find this. That kid can find mischeif anywhere!
January 114_1.jpg

Logan and Uncle Patrick waiting to eat a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrell.
January 113_1.jpg

Movie watching and snacking…kids these days have it so good!
January 101_1.jpg

And the winner is…

After 2 days of work, I have FINALLY put the last load into the dryer.

I know you are all on the edge of your seats….

14 loads! Definatelya new record for me.

My mom and my mother-in-law both guessed 15, so they win! I’ll give you guys your prize this weekend when I see you.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Holy Laundry Day, Batman

This, my friends, is what three weeks worth of laundry looks like. .

January 065_1.jpg

This is definately not my typical laundry schedule. The only reason it has gotten this out of control is because we were waiting on a part for our washer. It’s actually a huge mook. We ordered the part and had it sent to our house, thinking it would be sent directly from the warehouse. But it got sent to the store and then on to us, and appearantly it takes 10 days at least for that part. So we ordered the part on the 9th, it arrived at Sears on the 11th, but we didn’t receive it until the 23rd! Insane.

How about a little game? I’ll send a prize to the person who guesses how many loads that is. Come on…you know you want to play! Everyone loves a guessing contest. A hint for you all…my washing machine is not too terribly large. Here’s the pile from another angle.

January 066_1.jpg

I better see some guesses or I am going to think that no one ever reads this thing…


It’s my birthday so don’t forget to leave some birthday wishes for me!

I think having my birthday on a Monday kind of sucks. Monday’s are always harder with the boys because they are detoxing from the weekend and having dad around to play with. But, something amazing is happening right now. They are acutally playing together. And by playing I mean Connor is throwing a pillow at Logan and Logan is screeching. Then Logan crawls away and Connor chases him and throws the pillow again. They are both cracking up. If my video camera were charged up I would take some video of their laughter. It’s music to my ears.

Tonight my brother and sister-in-law are going to pick up the kids so Derek and I can go out. I’m not sure exactly what we are going to do. Possibly go to a movie, definately go out to dinner, maybe some shopping…we’ll just have to see what I am in the mood for when 5:30 rolls around!

So, I’ve been thinking that I need to post some pictures of the house, but I’ve been waiting until the rooms are put together somewhat. I finally printed off some new pictures for frames this weekend and also did a little bit to the dining room. Every day this week I will post some pictures of our house. Now, be warned…I can make the dining room and the living room look pretty nice. And even the kids rooms, although they aren’t decorated, are pretty well organinzed. But they master bedroom…you will see…it’s a MESS!

So the room of the day today is the dining room.

January 059_1.jpg

January 061_1.jpg
Notice the little fireman under the table. The pictures on this wall are some that my little brother took. I love them!

January 063_1.jpg
That is the cabinet that I bought from Ikea and stained black. It’s where all my scrapbook stuff is. I still need to spray paint the baskets black so the match a little better.

So there you have it. My dining room.

And while, I am sharing pictures I thought I would post these, too. Just because I think they are cute.

January 026_1.jpg
I bought Connor this helmet for his new bike, but he doesn’t really like the bike yet. It’s a little big. But he sure does love his construction hat helmet! He wears it all the time.

January 013_1.jpg
Connor loves his new sandbox. And he is such a goofball. What is this face?

January 053_1.jpg
Out little Captain Disaster. But so cute.

January 054.jpg
What’s not to love about this face?

Spatial Relations

I’m not good at spatial relations. My brain just doesn’t work that way. When I use a map, I have to turn the map the actual direction I am driving, often times turning the map upside down. Remember those problems in math class where there would be a freeform geometric shape and you were asked to rotate it 90 degrees and draw it? I could spend hours, literally hours, staring at something like that and never figure out how to draw it correctly. My new car has remote keyless entry. I’ve had the car for 3 weeks and I still get confused about which button opens which door.


Yesterday, Derek and I had a conversation about it and he said “Megan, just remember that the driver side door is on the left.” Yeah, good idea except that I sometimes confuse my right and left. And that nice trick where you make an L with your thumb and index finger? Forget it. I can’t really tell which one is right. It’s not like I can’t tell which way is right and left, I just have to stop and think about it. I don’t want you all to think I am totally dumb because I’m really not. I just have a hard time with spatial relations. That’s why I married Derek. He’s a whiz at that kind of thing.

All that being said, I fell like I have overcome a huge hurdle regarding this issue. As I am sure you can imagine, looking at directions and building furniture is something I am just not good at. I never get it right on the first time, and it takes me hours just to put together a simple bookshelf. Since we moved into our house 2 weeks ago, I have successfully put together two drawer units for Logan’s room, 2 kitchen chairs from Ikea (which is like the ultimate build-it-yourself furniture), two kitchen tables (the first we ended up having to return), a key rack/shelf thing, a shoe rack, and this piece of furniture (which I am also staining…that’s a whole other issue!)


And you know what? I am getting good at this! With the excetion of one chair that I put together backwards, I got all this stuff assembled on the first try. I am so proud of myself!

But my keyless entry still confuses me.

For your viewing pleasure…

Over Christmas, my little brother made this really fun slideshow of our family Christmas fun. He asked me before we moved to post it on my blog because it is too big for his. So Patrick, here you go. And anyone else who wants to see 3 minutes worth of family fun and mooks galore. But be warned…it’s a really huge file and I don’t know how to make it smaller. So Ry and anyone else with dial up should probably just skip this. It’s also a Quicktime move, so make sure you have quicktime. Enjoy!

Christmas 2005

Tagged again

In my blog catching up, I noticed that I was tagged by Jennifer to do this little thing. I love these! Thanks, Jennifer!

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
1) Video clerk at PrimeTime Video. This was such a great job. I had the best boss and worked with some really fun people. It was so very sad when we went out of business due to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.
2) Preschool teacher (at 3 different preschools). This is pretty much what I did all through college.
3) JV volleyball coach for 4 years at a high school. Loved the girls, loved the job.
4) Mom-it’s the job that never ends.

I have actually had 11 different jobs so these 4 are just the tip of the iceberg…

Four movies you would watch over and over:
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
Bring It On
Pretty Woman
Remember the Titans

Four places you have lived:
Arlington, TX
Alhambra, CA
Pasadena, CA
Houston, TX

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Gilmore Girls
Grey’s Anatomy

Four places you have been on vacation:
Oregon-Beaches and mountains
Switzerland (and Germany, Austria, and France)
Disney World
A cruise that took me to Key West, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel

Four websites you visit daily:
My email
the blogs I stalk dailly
In a Blink of an Eye

Four of your favorite foods:
Mexican food in general
Blackened Chicken
Ice Cream and other sweets

Four places you would rather be right now:
I’m actually pretty content here at home. I don’t know if I’d rather be at these places, but I would mind being…
On the beach with no kids, preferably Cayman Island
Hanging out with my friends in California
Shopping for scrap stuff, home stuff, or clothes, without the kids.

Four people I am tagging!

Am I a huge dork for loving these things?

Guess who’s back…

Back again…Megan’s back. Tell your friends.

That’s right, I’m back! Let me just start by saying the ONLY reason I haven’t blogged is that we didn’t have internet until this morning. What a long 11 days! I went to the library one day to use the internet, but going with the two little ones didn’t leave me even a second to blog. I could barely check my email. But now I’m back with internet so my blogging can get back to full swing. I guess in some ways maybe it was good that I didn’t have internet. I have managed to get a lot done with the house because I didn’t have the lure of my laptop. We are loving our house, just like we knew we would. I will post pictures soon.

It’s been so long since I blogged that I don’t even know where to start. There were many times when I thought “oh, I need to blog this!” but since I didn’t now I don’t remember. Well, I do remember one thing so I will leave you with this little anecdote.

The first day we were in our house was not a good day in the world of Connor. He has just been a real toot lately and that Saturday was pretty bad. Every single thing was a battle that day. We finally got him into bed did our nightly tuck in routine. Every night I say “Connor, how much do I love you?” and he replies “All the way to the stars.” I love our little ritual. On this night I laid in his bed like always and asked the question.

“Connor, how much do I love you?”
“All the way to nothing. And I don’t love you either.”

Broke my heart into a million little pieces. Obviously he didn’t mean it and now it’s pretty funny. But I did have a little breakdown about it when it happened. I know that all kids at some point tell their parents something like this. But I sure wasn’t expecting it already!

Every night since I have loved him to the stars, so it looks like it was an isolated incident.

Now I am off to catch up on my blog reading…it’s going to take me all day!

T minus 36 hours

It’s almost house closing time! I am so, so, so excited. Want to jump up and down, sing at the top of my lungs, do the Vincent dance, pee on myself excited. We weren’t even sure until today if the loan would be good to go by Friday but we are clear. I have been packing and organizing the millions of new toys (okay, who am I kidding…my mom has been organizing the toys.) The new party van is all ready to be loaded up for the first of many trips to H-town. Our new car dvd player is ready to go, complete with a few new videos. Our furniture is scheduled to be delivered on Friday at noon. My brother is driving a U-Haul down on Saturday with the rest of our furiture that my grandmother gave us (including my VERY OWN washer and dryer!) Have I mentioned how excited I am?

I will probably be away from blog world for a few days at least. So I will leave you with a little bit of Logan. He’s a little hard to get pictures of these days because he is just so fast. These are from dinnertime a few nights ago.

Sometimes when I feed myself, I miss my mouth.

My mom thinks I will need some orthodontic work in my future. I hear I inherited my big space from my mommy and my daddy!

Who me? I’m not messy. I’m cute!

My plan worked! I just wanted to make sure I got a bath tonight. I love baths!
January 002_1.jpg