Road Trippin’

This weekend, we loaded up the party van for a little roadtrip to Abilene. Oh, the excitement of A-town! Derek had a science convention (which I lovingly called a nerd convention…) at Abilene Christian University-his alma mater and where I went until we got married. It was acutally pretty fun to go back. I have so many fun memories there, even though I was only at ACU for 3 semesters. But we had a good time. We hung out with my brother and Noel, went to the Abilene Zoo, found some college girl baby-sitters who were awesome so we could go out sans kids. The ride home was a little rough-6 hours is definitely a long time to be in the car when your a kid! It was so good to pull into the driveway and feel like we were home. It feels like home here and I love that!

Let me just talk about the Abiliene Zoo for a minute. Connor loved it! It’s got all the zoo essentials-giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras, bison, flamingos, lions, bears, etc. You can buy these crackers and feed all the animals, which was also a big hit. But it had to be the most depressing zoo I have ever been to. All the animals are in these tiny cages and, expect for the bison, Abilene is a far cry from their natural habitats. I don’t even understand how the zoon can stay open there. It costs $2 to get in, and there were probalby under 50 people there on Saturday afternoon. It was so crazy! Totally different than the LA zoo, that’s for sure!

I will leave you with a few pictures of our weekend adventure.

Oh man, these elephants are so cool!
January 132_1.jpg

Patrick and Connor doing a little turtle watching. Connor probably sat here for 10 minutes just watching the turtles. What’s more exciting-bird watching or turtle watching?
January 079_1.jpg

Our little Captain Disaster. Yes, that is his playpen in the bathroom. Where else is he supposed to take a nap when Connor is playing in the hotel room? I opened to door to find this. That kid can find mischeif anywhere!
January 114_1.jpg

Logan and Uncle Patrick waiting to eat a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrell.
January 113_1.jpg

Movie watching and snacking…kids these days have it so good!
January 101_1.jpg

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  1. Megan! I was so packed with school this weekend! I kept thinking that my work would free up, but it never did until Sunday. The next two months of school will be THE worst months of my life! I agree Abilene does have the lamest Zoo. I’m used to FW zoo, which I think is really nice. Abilene Zoo makes me want to cry, but I DO LOVE the giraffe bridge. Giraffes have the grossest tongue, I love watching it like the food off the bridge. Well I’m glad you had a fun time, if you come up again this semester, let me know!

  2. The Abilene Zoo does BITE! But when you are a kid – it is not the architecture or fabulous housing in the zoo – it is the elephants and the giraffes so I am sure that Connor loved it! Oh – I have decided that I am going to stay with you on the 24th whether you are far from Tricia or not – I can deal with the drive – what is another hour anyway???? :0)
    I am glad that you are back home…I missed your posting all weekend.

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