New Paper Trunk

When I got my box of Paper Trunk stuff a few days ago, I couldn’t wait to get started scrapping! These were both created using the brand new 1974 line. Love the bright colors of these papers!

Didn’t Cindi do a fantastic job with this picture?! It was taken as part of my mom’s Christmas present….which I’m not sure she has quite yet, but soon she will. 🙂

I should be in bed

But I have this weird quirk where it’s really hard for me to fall asleep if I don’t go to bed first. I think it comes from being married to a night owl, of which I am not one. Until tonight, and I’m going to hate myself for it in the morning. But I have been scrapping and having so much fun! I will be posting them really soon. 🙂

So I thought since I am forced to stay awake until I fall over, I would share the weirdest dream I have ever had. Maybe someone wants to analyze it for me.

I was back in L.A., headed to an OB appointment. I had 3 different doctors at 3 different offices, and this particular one was located in a building that was a maze. Like a carnival maze. So I finally find the right office, and it is the most disgusting place I have ever stepped foot in. I am thinking this must not be right, but I patiently get in line at the reception desk. Suddenly, the receptionist is handing a metal mixing bowl to the girl in front of me and asking for a stool sample. Right there in the lobby. And when the girl balks about doing something like that in front of people, the receptionist gets all ugly and goes in the bathroom with her. I decided to leave at that point, and I get completely lost in the maze building. Luckily, this cute little black girl finds me and offers her help. I follow her for what feels like forever until she gets to this tiny little tube she wants me to crawl through. I can’t fit, so she directs me up a staircase. We wind up in the attic, which is actually the living quarters of a bunch of homeless kids. So, I pretend to be a homeless kid. There was one adult there, I guess in charge, and she handed out dog treats to us and told me I was no longer Megan and my new name was Kate. In this little homeless shelter for kids, there was a train ride. whoever could make the ride go the fastest won Disneyland tickets, and I made it my personal mission to win those tickets. I made the ride go so fast that we took off into the air, and ended up on the island in the tv show Lost.

Then I woke up.

Weirdest dream ever. No doubt.

And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I thought this post needed a picture. It’s 12:35. This is what I look like at 12:35 a.m.

Photo 59.jpg

Pass the time

My family is sick. Derek has strep, Connor has an ear infection, Logan is snotty (I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he comes down with something worse), and my sinuses are killing me. Yeah, we are a fun bunch.

The good news is with the low key-ness of everyone, I’ve had some fun browsing Etsy for fun and cute baby stuff.

Wouldn’t these fabrics make a cute crib set?


And I love these diaper bags.

Browsing for baby stuff is so much fun!

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-8. I woke up full of optimism for the day. I selfishly decided at the last minute to reschedule Logan’s speech evaluation for next week so he could go to school and I could do whatever I wanted for 5 whole hours. I dropped the kids off and headed to Kohl’s. I scored some cute shirts and a dress, all for 80% off. Not too shabby at all! But as I was leaving Kohl’s, I started to get lonely. I was hungry and wanted to go eat lunch somewhere good. But I didn’t want to go by myself. Unfortunately, all my Houston friends were not available for lunch…okay, truth be told, I didn’t call anyone because I felt silly. “Hey, did you remember that today was my birthday? Want to do lunch?” Yeah, not so much. So instead, I cried. I came home and cried because I wanted to go to lunch with someone. And I started thinking about how Derek wasn’t even going to be home until late that night, and I had no plans for my birthday. No special birthday dinner, no presents waiting for me on the table, no cake, nothing. So I cried some more. (Hey, I’m pregnant and I can cry about whatever I want!) I moped around for a good hour, and finally pulled myself together. I decided to go to the scrapbook store for a little more retail therapy. But, as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I started crying again! I. Am. Out. Of. Control. I turned around and came home. I watched One Tree Hill instead. RyAnn called. I cried again. Finally, it was time to go get the boys from school. We went to the grocery store, and when I got home, I found a message from my brother. “Happy Birthday! Hope your day is awesome! Oh, and Kathy is sick and not going to work tomorrow…so…the ultrasound is off.” You see, today, my sister-in-law was going to do an ultrasound and we were hoping to find out the sex of the baby. Can you guess what I did when I got the message? Yup. I cried. Again. I managed to pull myself together for the remainder of the evening. Derek called at 6:45 and asked what I wanted for dinner. He arrived 30 minutes later, bearing yummy food and a dozen roses. Then he asked how my day was.
I cried again.
It’s really not that my birthday was bad, because it wasn’t. It’s just that I am an emotional mess. And, birthdays simply aren’t as much fun as a grown up, but I really want them to be. Am I alone is this??

On a happier note, my husband helped me record this yesterday. By my count, it’s approximately 156 bpm. Pretty amazing! (Blogliners, you have to come to the blog to listen.)

two in one night

The boys have recently started sharing a room. While the first week went very smoothly, we are now in what I call the “testing phase”. Logan feels the need to test all of the bedtime rules again. Can I get out of my bed and play? Can I talk to Connor and keep him awake? What about climbing up on the top bunk? These are of course emphatic no’s at our house.

I just heard a little commotion in their room. This is the third of Logan’s “tests” tonight, so he’s already on thin ice. I just found him in Connor’s bed, literally on top of him. He was climbing on him over and over again, trying to accomplish who knows what. Logan’s in big trouble (this is the third night in a row we have found him in Connor’s bed.) D and I get done disciplining Logan, and we cannot contain the laughter any longer.

Why are we laughing? Because Connor did not even move during any of this.
And this is the kid who tells us on a regular basis that he doesn’t ever sleep. He just rests.
Yeah. That’s some pretty heavy resting!


I forget how literal kids are.
Just now, I gave Logan a little medicine for his snotty nose. He likes to do the syringe himself, so I handed it to him and said “Here’s some medicine for you nose, bud.” I turned my back to put the medicine away.

“Like dis, mommy?”
I glanced in his general direction and said “yeah.”

Then I turn back around just in time to see him squirting dimetapp up his nose! I yelled “no!” and he looked at me with this stricken look. It only took 2.3 second for his face to crumble and the wailing to begin. I could not stop laughing. I alternately cracked up and soothed. He recovered quickly and then administered the medicine to the correct orifice.

Next time I’ll be careful when I tell him I have some medicine for his nose!

And while I am doing a Logan post, I have to give a potty training update. Last Monday I decided it was time to potty train. He has used it before, but never with any consistency, and in fact had regressed to crying if “potty” was even mentioned. I’m sure I broke all kinds of potty training rules, but last Monday I told him we were not going to the park to play until he sat on the potty. Just sat, nothing more. I figured he couldn’t regress any more than crying if potty is even mentioned. This was met with a 15 minute stubborn fit, until finally with the lure of m&m’s he sat for one second. We made a huge deal out of this. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he sat several times a day, this time without the tears, but nothing happened. That’s okay, it was progress. On Friday, we had our first pee. That was 4 days ago, and for the past 2 days he has not had a single pee accident! In fact, he is already telling me when he needs to go and wanting to do it all by himself. He even told the baby-sitters at bible study this morning that he needed to go. I cannot believe how well he is doing and how quickly he caught on to it!

He’s getting so big!

Party People

Wow, that was some party! It was SO much fun. Well, as much fun as it can be if you are pregnant and having the allergy attack of the universe. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I started sneezing around noon and did not stop. This morning I am pretty miserable, but I am pretty sure it’s just allergies and not the start of getting sick. At least I hope it is!

I did take pictures, but I wasn’t that great at it. I think I took four. Oh, but there are lots of pics out there. There were so many cameras going! Plus, the hostess of the party makes a big scrapbook every year, so there were tons and tons of pictures being taken. If I get any good ones, I’ll be sure and share. I don’t have any full body pictures, but here’s D and I.

I like the 80s neck grab, plus you can see Derek’s rolled up sleeves.

Best part of the night: seeing the creative costumes everyone came up with, hanging out with friends, laughing tons, and just having an evening out.

Worst part of the night: the sneezing fits, and so many people telling me that I don’t look pregnant at all. I know, I know…I am barely showing at almost 15 weeks. I KNOW I will be thankful for this down the road, but right now it is so annoying. I don’t look pregnant, I just look fat and I hate it! Of course no one means “meg, you aren’t even showing, you just look fat”, but that is how I feel. And it’s annoying because I DO have a little bump! I want credit for it!

14 weeks pregnant. Sorry about the hideous shadow. Our recessed lighting is awful for pictures!

I’m off to clean…we have friends coming over in a bit. Have a great weekend!

The story

Derek and I are going to a costume party this weekend. Every year, a couple from our church hosts a costume party in January. Why in January? Because the holiday madness is over. And why in costume? Because when do adults ever dress up? It’s just fun! Everyone is supposed to come dressed like movie characters. The stories of some of the costumes are legendary. (i.e. one of our elders dressed like Braveheart, complete with a kilt and a painted face.)

As of last week, I was thinking of skipping the party. Let’s face it: being pregnant doesn’t put you in much of a “party” mood. Then there was the whole babysitter issue-I didn’t have one, and my normal babysitters had been booked for this night already. Then a friend said we could bring the boys over and share her babysitter. And our other friends convinced us that we really needed to go. Problem solved.

I spent Sunday looking at lists of movies, trying to figure out the perfect characters with no luck. Most of them would be easy for Derek’s costume, but not so much for mine. On Sunday night I came up with the idea to find some good 80’s outfits, and then choose the movie.

I went shopping yesterday with Can’t Buy Me Love and Pretty in Pink in mind. I found the skirt and shirt at Goodwill. Then I hit the mall and found the jellies (on clearance for $1.99! Score!), the earrings, the bracelets, and the leggings. The 80s are definitely making a comeback.

**Side note- any of you with kids need to go to The Children’s Place. All their sale stuff is marked 50% off. I got Connor a really nice winter jacket, 2 pairs of pants, 2 polo shirts, 2 short sleeve t’s, and 2 long sleeve t’s for $44! It was awesome! The jacket was the most expensive item at $10, originally $40. Score!

Anyway, I didn’t do such a good job on Derek’s 80’s outfit. I got him some nice tapered leg jeans (but they aren’t quite acid washed enough for the 80s.) I also got him a paisley shirt, which Derek discovered is actually a women’s blouse that was in the wrong section. And I got him a blazer so he could roll up the sleeves. But it’s double breasted and the liner is a different color so it looks funny. I’ll be heading back to Goodwill tomorrow to exchange a few things.

I am sure there will be pictures of us in our full 80s glory. Now that I have a costume, I am really excited about the party. It’s going to be so fun!


This is a very important question. Do you think this outfit:

(which of course needs good 80s hair and make-up. And please notice the jelly’s, the bangle bracelets, and the hoops)

Is more Cindy Mancini a la Can’t Buy Me Love:
(and I know you can’t really see her in this shot, but it was the best I could do.)

Or Molly Ringwald’s character (Andie, I think..) a la Pretty in Pink:


If you read this, you better comment! It’s of the utmost importance!

Guess who’s back…

Once upon a time, I loved to scrapbook. Somehow over the past 6 months or so, I just stopped doing it. My stuff was disorganized, it needed a good purging, I wasn’t feeling creative, etc. Then I got knocked up. Hello morning sickness (or all day sickness as it turned out…), hello exhaustion, good-bye desire to do anything other than lay on the couch like a lump of flesh.

Then, after Christmas, I got my shelf. And I got the gift of the second trimester (which, thankfully, came a little early…I’m wasn’t technically in the second trimester until this week, but I started feeling like it 2 weeks ago.) So with my extra energy and my wonderful shelf, I organized my scrap stuff. I purged like crazy. Everything has a spot, everything looks all neat and tidy. I could see my table again. And I started to get that creative itch again.

So I scrapped. And I scrapped some more. It was fun again. And I was happy. (And amazingly, so was Derek. He won’t admit it, but I think he likes my hobby. Plus, he hates to see my stash of stuff sit unused.)

Then, I got some really great news from Carrie. She asked me to be a part of the design team for her company, Paper Trunk! Of course I said yes! I am so thrilled to be on this team…the whole team is top notch, and not only that, but I love Carrie, and I can’t wait to see where God leads her and her company!

So that’s that. Scrappy Meg is back!