I forget how literal kids are.
Just now, I gave Logan a little medicine for his snotty nose. He likes to do the syringe himself, so I handed it to him and said “Here’s some medicine for you nose, bud.” I turned my back to put the medicine away.

“Like dis, mommy?”
I glanced in his general direction and said “yeah.”

Then I turn back around just in time to see him squirting dimetapp up his nose! I yelled “no!” and he looked at me with this stricken look. It only took 2.3 second for his face to crumble and the wailing to begin. I could not stop laughing. I alternately cracked up and soothed. He recovered quickly and then administered the medicine to the correct orifice.

Next time I’ll be careful when I tell him I have some medicine for his nose!

And while I am doing a Logan post, I have to give a potty training update. Last Monday I decided it was time to potty train. He has used it before, but never with any consistency, and in fact had regressed to crying if “potty” was even mentioned. I’m sure I broke all kinds of potty training rules, but last Monday I told him we were not going to the park to play until he sat on the potty. Just sat, nothing more. I figured he couldn’t regress any more than crying if potty is even mentioned. This was met with a 15 minute stubborn fit, until finally with the lure of m&m’s he sat for one second. We made a huge deal out of this. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he sat several times a day, this time without the tears, but nothing happened. That’s okay, it was progress. On Friday, we had our first pee. That was 4 days ago, and for the past 2 days he has not had a single pee accident! In fact, he is already telling me when he needs to go and wanting to do it all by himself. He even told the baby-sitters at bible study this morning that he needed to go. I cannot believe how well he is doing and how quickly he caught on to it!

He’s getting so big!

3 Replies to “Literal”

  1. Go Logan! Potty training master!
    Kate’s four days in and has regressed to only sitting on the potty with her pants still on. O-well. We’ll just keep at it.

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