Baby “Madison”

For the past couple of weeks, Derek and I have been referring to “baby sister” more and more as “baby Camryn”. Neither boy is thrilled with our choice of name. Connor wants to name her Sarah, and Logan has been through a myriad of names including Noah (his bff) and Boobie. I figure if we start to call her Camryn now, they will warm up to it a bit.

So far, there is NO warming up to Camryn.

Logan has decided that he wants to call her Madison (which is a definite step up from Boobie!) We got to spend time with his cousin Madison last weekend, and then this week at VBS there was a little girl named Madison in his class. So now he is stuck on the name Madison.

Every conversation about the baby goes like this:

“Logan, are you getting excited to meet baby Camryn? She is going to be born so soon!”
“You mean baby Madison?”

“Hey Logan. Where is baby Camryn?”
“You mean baby Madison?

“Logan, can you get your toys out of baby Camryn’s room?”
“You mean baby Madison?”

“Logan, be soft with my belly. Baby Camryn is still in there.”
“You mean baby Madison?”

He says it every single time. We cannot continue the conversation until I say “yes, baby Madison.” It’s cracking me up! I wonder if he will really call her Madison like he says he is going to. Something tells me he will, at least for awhile.

Speaking of baby Camryn/Madison/Sarah…I really thought maybe I was starting to go into labor yesterday! I woke up at 4:30 in the morning with contractions every 8-10 minutes, and I could not get back to sleep because of the discomfort. That has never happened, even with C and L. I timed them on and off all morning (they stayed pretty consistent), but around 11:00, they fizzled. I kept having quasi-uncomfortable contractions all day, but they never got bad or close together. Bummer! I was getting excited! I know I could walk around like this for weeks…or she could come at any time. I cannot wait to meet our daughter! (Especially now that my friend Staci had her precious baby boy yesterday! I’m so happy for you, Staci!)

Hope you all have a good Saturday! I am going to get the rest of the baby stuff out of the attic today, plus we have a birthday party. It should be a fun day!

Stu Co Flashback

In 8th grade I decided to run for student council representative. I honestly can’t even remember if I made it or not…I think I did, but it might have been one of those things where everyone made it. What I remember most about running for student council was what I wore. More specifically, whose clothing I wore.

The day before the big election, I wiped out big time on my roller blades. The entire side of my right leg was a bloody, scabby mess. As part of the elections, we had to get up in front of the entire 8th grade and introduce ourselves. As any good 8th grader, I had picked out the perfect outfit to wear. It was a knee length skirt, and in light of the raw-meat looking let, I just couldn’t wear it. I am positive that the dramatics and hysterics that filled my house that night would rival the time I got a haircut called “the wedge” the day before 6th grade graduation. I’ve never been one to hide my true feelings about something.

Anyway, the skirt and the scraped up leg just didn’t go together. I am guessing that half the issue was that I hurt myself roller blading. With my little brother. How not cool could I have been? I cringe when I think about how much I cared about what other’s thought during that time…

So I needed a new outfit. I just had to wear a skirt. In my mind, nothing else would do. And I did not own one long skirt. So I raided my mom’s closet, and borrowed something from her. Now, my mom has come a long way in her fashion sense. My little brother worked at the Gap for years, and during that time, my mom started buying slightly trendier clothes. But back in 1993? Fashion was not high on my mom’s list of priorities. I really can’t remember exactly what I wore on election day, but I remember feeling like everyone could tell just by looking that I was a huge dork who roller bladed with children. And wore her mom’s clothes.

Wow, this is turning into one rambly post. The whole point of this post is to tell you all that Connor’s picture is in a contest, and for some reason that made me think of 8th grade student council. Maybe I feel better about soliciting votes if I share some random Junior High story.

Cindi is hosting a contest over on her Selah Studios blog, and Connor is one of the cuties featured. If you feel so inclined, I would love some votes for my handsome boy! He is number 2 in the studio category.

Thanks a bunch!
And, just for the record, I still like to borrow my mom’s clothes and I think she is a pretty snappy dresser for being so old. Just kidding, ma! You know I love you!

I don’t get embarrassed very easily.  If I fall on my face, I can just laugh.  If my zipper is down, no biggie.  It happens to everyone.  When my kids act like hooligans in public, I remember that every mom has been there.  There really aren’t too many truly embarrassing things that I can remember.  But lately I’ve been remembering one embarrassing moment…and even though it was sort of embarrassing, I can still brush it off, and I even think it’s a little bit funny.

Let’s go back to early March, 2005.  I was about 38 weeks pregnant with Logan.  I remember I was wearing my red work out pants and a t-shirt and I was doing the dishes in the .  Suddenly, I was leaking fluid all over the place.  “Derek!  Derek!  Oh! oh!  My water is breaking!”

I was so excited.  I immediately called my mom to tell her the exciting news.  I started packing my stuff for the hospital, and called my friend Chelsea to come over and sit at the apartment with Connor while he slept.  I kept waiting for the contractions to start, but they really weren’t strong. But I just knew my water had broken, even though my mom was skeptical.  With Connor, once my water broke, things progressed pretty quickly.  So she was surprised that nothing was happening an hour after the event.  Looking back, this was definitely one of those times when I should have listened to my mom.  Even Derek brought up the possibility that maybe it wasn’t my water.  No way!  It’s not like I hadn’t given birth before.  I just knew my water had broken!

Derek and I headed into the hospital.  “My water broke about an hour ago,” I announced quite proudly to the nurse.  I got checked in and hooked up to the monitors.  The L&D nurse came in to to check for amniotic fluid.

The test was negative.

She tested again.  Still negative.  I was having some contractions, but nothing major.  I think I was maybe 2 or 3 centimeters.

She tested one last time.  Still negative for amniotic fluid.  I started to get a little suspicious since I hadn’t had any more leakage since the flood at the sink.  And the contractions were not there.  Derek’s words kept coming back to me…”Meg, I really think this might be pee, not water…”

Two or three hours later, we headed home from the hospital.   As it turns out, I was just a big, fat pants-wetter.  I peed all over myself.  Not just a little dribble like when jumping on a trampoline.  Not even like at camp (or the other times) when I laughed so hard I peed on myself but I knew what was happening.  It was completely uncontrollable, and not only that, it took a doctor and a nurse to convince me that was what had happened.

It was definitely not one of my finer moments.

The whole reason I’ve been thinking about this is because I really want my water to break at home this time.  With both of boys, it broke in the hospital, and for some reason this time, I just really want it to break at home.  It just seems so exciting and so definite when it happens that way.  If it does happen at home, I will be checking and double checking that it is actually amniotic fluid, and not just me being a big dork who pees on herself.

I’m cool with being a dork.  Just not a dork who pees on herself without knowing. 🙂

One last trip

This weekend, we took one last pre-baby trip up to Arlington for a visit. The weekend felt like such a whirlwind! We arrived late Thursday afternoon, and that evening we got to hang out with my parents and Cindi and her family. The boys always have such a good time playing with their cousins!

On Friday morning, everyone woke up bright and early (which reminds me…at what point to kids start sleeping in later when the stay up late? Every night this weekend was a late night, and everyone morning the boys were rising and shining at 7:00. Which means that now we have two very over-tired little boys on our hands…) Anyway, we woke up and headed to Cindi’s house for a photo shoot. She took belly pictures of me, and I can’t wait to see them! I felt so very un-photogenic, but if I know Cindi, I am sure she got some good ones.

After the photo shoot, we took the boys to a water park, which was super fun, but exhausting. Friday night I got to have a little girls night with Staci and Juli Beth. I was great to catch up! It was a very long but fun day, and I had the cankles to prove it Friday night.

Saturday, I headed to Ikea with mom, Nick, Cindi, and her daughter Abby. The funniest part of the trip was trying to load the car and fit everyone back in. I offered my van up for the drive, but we took my mom’s rav 4. With 5 people. And their stuff, including two large boxes that held chairs. Both boxes didn’t fit in the trunk, so we put one across the back seat where our feet go. I could only sit back their with the door propped open about 6 inches…I just don’t bend like I used to! Luckily my mom let me sit up front and she and Cindi sat like contortionists. It was definitely one of those had to be there things, but it was pretty funny. The cankles were definitely in their full glory after Ikea! Saturday night, we had a delicious steak dinner with Derek’s family and played games.

This morning, we woke up (bright and early, of course), went to church (no comment on dear Connor’s attitude this morning…), had lunch, and drove back to Houston. It was a fun trip, but we were all really glad to be home!

Now for pictures.

Logan, Abby, Connor, Madison, and Max

I like everyone’s feet in this picture. Sometimes do you just like a picture, but your not sure why? This is one of those for me.

Logan has no idea he is about to get grabnabbed!

Logan the future basketball player. He loves to play basketball.

I love when I catch Connor in an all-out belly laugh. He had Madison were playing soccer, and it was a game full of laughter and joy!

Crafty Craftiness

Camryn (we haven’t for sure decided on that spelling…I’m just testing it out.  Oh, and I am pretty sure her middle name is going to be Jane, which is a family name) is going to be a bow-head baby, much to Derek’s dismay. My newest craft is making bows, and then trying them all on myself just to make Derek laugh. And because I am a big dork.

I think Logan likes the bows. (and he’s cute to boot!)

Not too much going on…I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about, but I got nothing. I went to Gymboree this morning for their big semi-annual sale and I got some super super cute baby girl clothes. I just can’t wait to dress Cameron in them! (typing that felt weird….I really think I like Camryn.)

Oh, and A-town people, we are headed that way this weekend. Anyone want to go out to dinner or something?


Happy Father’s Day!

Despite how it may look in this picture, these two boys are crazy about their daddy. “Hey guys, let’s take a picture with daddy for Father’s Day” is about as enticing as “hey guys, let’s load up in the car and go get some shots from Dr. Q!” Their serious faces make me laugh…c’mon guys, think about all the cool things daddy does with you!

Think about how he tells you superhero stories every night, even when he is out of town. Think about how he throws you in the pool or jumps off the diving board 832 times just because you ask him to. Think about how he spends at least 20 minutes every night drawing you a picture that corresponds with the story that night, and lovingly leaves it on the table for you to see every morning. What about how he flies you like spiderman or batman, complete with sound effects, to and from the tub every night? And don’t forget about how he never gets tired of answering your questions, and will give you way better answers than I do. He never says “just because that’s how God made it.” He laughs at your nonsensical knock-knock jokes, and takes you on exciting rides around the cul-de-sac. Daddy is always up for watching soccer with your, or even better, playing soccer in the backyard

Connor and Logan, your dad pretty much rocks.

There. That is a little bit better.

You can and will learn so much from him.  You will learn what it means to love a woman, what it means to provide and be a leader, and what it means to be a Christian man.  You will learn how to listen and how to be patient and kind.  You’ll learn that it’s better to give than to receive.  You’ll learn how to put things together the right way the first time, how to make a mean cup of espresso, and exactly how computers work and about all their parts.  You’ll learn how to grill any meat to perfection.  You’ll learn what it means to respect others.  You’ll learn so much from your daddy, just as I know he has learned so much from you.

Now, why don’t you give him a kiss to show him how much you love and appreciate him?

No, C! A kiss, a kiss! But look at your dad. He knows that when you do this or stick your tongue out, it really means “I love you and I think you are the greatest dad in the world.”

Happy Father’s Day!

New header and I need your help!

Hey all feed reader people, check out my new header! I saw the little button on a blog I read, and I just knew it would make the perfect header for the next month or so. And just because I want to make sure I give proper credit (don’t want to break any rules…) you can buy buttons and stuff with that slogan on Etsy.

I hesitant to even post this, but Derek and I are about 99% sure we have a name for baby girl! Now, she could be born and we could change our minds. Or we could just flat out come up with something better…I was thinking about keeping the name a secret, but I need some help! I have once again been afflicted with PII (Pregnancy Induced Indecisiveness.) So I thought I would turn to you guys. Please, please, answer this question for me!

The name is Camryn. Do you prefer that spelling for a little girl, or the traditional Cameron?

Camryn or Cameron. I just can’t decide!

We have not decided on a middle name yet, so if you have an brilliant middle name suggestions, I’m all ears!

Must write this down.

Derek had to take a short, last minute business trip yesterday. When he got home this evening, everyone was so happy. We decided it was the perfect night to take a family swim. But Connor wasn’t so keen on that idea. (sidenote-we ended up at the pool anyway, and can you guess which kiddo didn’t want to leave? So typical.) C wanted to stay home with Derek while I took Logan to the pool. Logan also thought that was a great idea, which is so funny because dad is way more more fun at the pool. He throws them, jumps off the board with them, etc. I pretty much just to this:

Back to the pool conversation. Both boys want me to take L to the pool. Derek looks over at Logan and asks, “Don’t you like daddy?” Logan very solemnly shook his head no.

He paused for just a moment. We could all tell he was about to say something profound.

“But I wike your beard!”

I’m glad that Logan has an appreciation for facial hair.

Like I said, we did make it to the pool. Check out my little water lover.

I know it looks like he’s going to land right on the board, but I promise he cleared it.

Logan’s style of jumping is to run full speed and launch himself. Connor is a little more form-oriented.

And a few videos:

I guess I am feeling sassy pregnant tonight and not huge cankle pregnant, so I will give you all a glimpse of me in THE bathing suit. I don’t think I have taken a picture of myself in a bathing suit since 1998. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but it’s definitely been awhile since I posed in a bathing suit.

Three Cheers

T-Ball is OVER! We made it through the season. It wasn’t always pretty, but we all prevailed. I just went back through my blog, and we’ve been doing t-ball since the end of February! That is one long season for a 5 year old! At times, it really felt like the season that would not end.

Overall, I wouldn’t say it was a bad experience. Connor did learn a lot, and despite the tears and whining at times, he always said that he liked it at the end of the day. However, he is ready to go back to playing soccer (which makes his daddy very happy!)

In addition to getting his trophy tonight, Connor also got the game ball! To him, that was equivalent to being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Week after week, he’s watched the other kids get the game ball. I was so proud of him tonight. He had a great stop in the outfield (notice I said stop, not catch…that whole catching thing still alludes Connor.) On his first time up to bat, he had a great hit. On his second time, he tried. And tried. And tried again. The tee hit the ground or he flat out missed the ball about 10 times.

I kept waiting for the frustration or tears to come, but he just kept trying. What a little trooper! He finally got a hit and made it around the bases. His coach gave him the game ball because he never gave up and did his best. I love that.

And here’s what Logan did to entertain himself today at the game.

It’s a miracle that boy has never had to go to the emergency room. (Knock on wood) If I had allowed it, he would have climbed much higher than that. He is my crazy, fearless monkey!

then un-nursery nursery

Derek commented a few days about that the nursery isn’t very nursery-ish. The bright colors, the black…I suppose he is right. But they are only little for a bit, and I guess I was just in the mood for bright and fun when I planned this out! I can’t wait to see it all put together with bedding and everything!

From the doorway, looking into the room.

From the corner where the window is. It’s the junk corner right now, so no pictures yet. 🙂

I saw these in a catalog and loved them! But not for $40 each. I spent $10 on the two canvases, and I love how they turned out.

I hung the fabric swatches up just so I could remember there would be other colors besides pink in the room.

I got crafty with the lamp shade. A little ribbon and hot glue, and voila! Cute, coordinating lamp shade! The shelves are a work in progress.

The dresser will double as a changing table once I get one of those contoured pads. I’ve got a few ideas for pictures and wall decorations for the two walls in this picture.

So that’s it so far!  Despite the cankles and the aching feet, it really is fun to decorate a nursery.