One last trip

This weekend, we took one last pre-baby trip up to Arlington for a visit. The weekend felt like such a whirlwind! We arrived late Thursday afternoon, and that evening we got to hang out with my parents and Cindi and her family. The boys always have such a good time playing with their cousins!

On Friday morning, everyone woke up bright and early (which reminds me…at what point to kids start sleeping in later when the stay up late? Every night this weekend was a late night, and everyone morning the boys were rising and shining at 7:00. Which means that now we have two very over-tired little boys on our hands…) Anyway, we woke up and headed to Cindi’s house for a photo shoot. She took belly pictures of me, and I can’t wait to see them! I felt so very un-photogenic, but if I know Cindi, I am sure she got some good ones.

After the photo shoot, we took the boys to a water park, which was super fun, but exhausting. Friday night I got to have a little girls night with Staci and Juli Beth. I was great to catch up! It was a very long but fun day, and I had the cankles to prove it Friday night.

Saturday, I headed to Ikea with mom, Nick, Cindi, and her daughter Abby. The funniest part of the trip was trying to load the car and fit everyone back in. I offered my van up for the drive, but we took my mom’s rav 4. With 5 people. And their stuff, including two large boxes that held chairs. Both boxes didn’t fit in the trunk, so we put one across the back seat where our feet go. I could only sit back their with the door propped open about 6 inches…I just don’t bend like I used to! Luckily my mom let me sit up front and she and Cindi sat like contortionists. It was definitely one of those had to be there things, but it was pretty funny. The cankles were definitely in their full glory after Ikea! Saturday night, we had a delicious steak dinner with Derek’s family and played games.

This morning, we woke up (bright and early, of course), went to church (no comment on dear Connor’s attitude this morning…), had lunch, and drove back to Houston. It was a fun trip, but we were all really glad to be home!

Now for pictures.

Logan, Abby, Connor, Madison, and Max

I like everyone’s feet in this picture. Sometimes do you just like a picture, but your not sure why? This is one of those for me.

Logan has no idea he is about to get grabnabbed!

Logan the future basketball player. He loves to play basketball.

I love when I catch Connor in an all-out belly laugh. He had Madison were playing soccer, and it was a game full of laughter and joy!

7 Replies to “One last trip”

  1. love all the pics, it looks like the boys really enjoyed themselves. so glad you got to have a girls night, cankles & all 😉
    hope you share your belly shots, I’m sure they are beautiful.

  2. I’m so glad you were able to come one more time before Ms. Camryn comes!! The kids can’t wait to see Connor and Logan again…they must have asked 10 times on our way to Paw Paw and Mamaw’s house last night if Connor and Logan would be there!
    I’m hoping to have some sneak peeks up for you by Thursday! I can’t wait to get some shots of her once she’s here!!! 🙂

  3. I love seeing everyone so grown up! It reminds me of the age when I started to like having siblings and cousins. Once we got old enough to do more than wiggle around on the floor together and babble unintelligible sentences before crying when someone stole our toy. I can’t wait to see them and talk to them in a few weeks.
    Patrick told me that you got Camryn’s blanket. I’m so glad that you like it. I had fun thinking of her while I made it.

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