The sweetest of sweet {Galveston Beach Photographer}

When I first met these two last year, I was blown away by how sweet they were to each other.  Not much has changed in that respect over the past year!  These two (just one year apart in age…bless their mama!) are still two of the sweetest siblings ever.  All the cuddling and hugs and kisses are 100% genuine and almost all were unprompted.  Made my job so easy!  I hope these two stay the best of friends as they grow.  What a gift!




I love this guys silly and sweet spirit.  He insisted on several silly face photos, and this one cracked me up!vaughan-8-blog





I love how their mom incorporated dad’s hat and mom’s scarf in the session.vaughan-22-blog

Even looking back at these photos weeks later brings such a big smile to my face!  They are some of my favorites for sure.

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