blog slacker

Everyday, I write at least 3 blogs in my head.

One is about how much my kitchen sweeping has increased.  It’s been nine days since I had to take Austin to the pound.  I call it the pound because it was just like the pounds you see in the movies.  It was the saddest place.  A few weeks ago, Austin got out and bit our two year old neighbor.  While it wasn’t vicious, I knew we could not keep him.  He’s been getting increasingly aggressive towards kids.  A week later, Austin bit Logan.  That was that.  I knew he had to go immediately.  What if he bites Camryn?  It was just a risk I could not take.  The next day (it was 9 days ago.  I just now feel stable enough to blog about this.) I took him only shelter that accepts dogs that have bitten, and it was the saddest place ever.  I cried hysterically.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  It’s not a happy ending for Austin, but I know it had to be done.  The right thing is not always the easy thing, that’s for sure.  So now that we don’t have Austin, my kitchen is a ocean of pop tart crumbles, cracker crumbs, granola bar bits, and noodles.  I miss him for his cleaning ability, and also for the evening cuddles we shared.

Blog two is about how I got all mom of the year-ish and made caramel apples with the kids.  Ah, what a tender moment.  A tender momet filled with boys fighting over who got to open more caramels, who got to stand where, etc.  And they both got bored about halfway through and wanted my help doing other things, but the caramel had to be coninuously stirred.  This lead to the weeping and gnashing of teeth of all parties.  The finished apples aren’t even good.  Straight out of the fridge, they are rock hard, and after thawing for a few minutes, they are barely edible becuase of the sticky factor.  Someday I will learn that those tender kitchen moments are just not meant to be in my kitchen!

Blog three….ugh, mommy brain strikes again.  I cannot remember what it was.

How about some pictures?

Camryn’s special Halloween outfit.


This crooked smile is highly genetic. Camryn’s Great-Nana and her Nonny both have it and so does Logan. It’s a strong Thurman gene!

The sweetest little feet.

Pumpkin Patch ’08

We made an impromptu stop at the pumpkin patch today. It’s not a very glamorous place to begin with, and this year it was even less so. It turns out that a few early freezes in New Mexico have wreaked havoc on the pumpkin deliveries. We couldn’t find a single one that didn’t have a rotten spot on it. I did get some pictures though. And then we went to the grocery store to actually buy our pumpkins. Got to love suburbia!

This next one cracks me up so much!  Like father, like daughter.

Like I said, the pumpkin patch was impromptu, hence Logan’s outfit.  Three year olds dressing themselves is hands down one of my favorite things!

Just for fun, I went back and read my past pumpkin patch entries.  2005 was the year I drove an hour to a cool farm, only to get there and discover it was closed. We didn’t go in 2006.  And in 2007, we went to the same one we went to today.  They have grown up so much since last year!

Life right now

A 5year old in constant motion.
A 3 year old with a bit of a ‘tude.
A 3 month old happily oblivious to the chaos around her.
This is my life right now.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Wonder Woman

We are having a super hero themed Halloween this year. Connor is going to be Batman, Logan is going to be Superman, and the boys want Camryn to be Wonder Woman. I have found two possibilities for Camryn’s costume. The first is this onesie:

I think this is so cute. I would have to put a little more work into the costume…make (or alter) and little blue skirt with stars…make a little felt headband and arm bands…I think I could use this onesie as a jumping off point and make something really cute plus have a onesie that she could wear again.

Or there is this:

An actual infant Wonder Woman costume.  I would have to add tights-it just comes with that bib part.  This is a little…I don’t know…I don’t think it’s as cute as the onesie, but it is easier.

Thoughts?  Should I just go for the cuter, more orignal, but more work costume?  There is something really satisfying about making costumes at Halloween.  Price is not really a factor-they each only cost $15.  Not too bad.

This might be the only year my kids actually want to coordinate their costumes, so I’ve got to take advantage of it!

P.S. The boys also want Derek and I to dress up as super heros.  They want me to be Wonder Woman.  Um, fat chance on that one.  You could not pay be enough to sqeeze my jiggly butt into something like this:

And Derek as the Flash.  What are the chances I could convice him to wear this?


Cutest ever, don’t you think?

After a really hard week, this picture gave me the warm fuzzies all over.  I am so thankful that God blessed us with this bundle of sunshine. She is 3 months old already. It’s going way too fast!

Just a short synopsis of our week…Austin bit my two year old neighbor…he needed stitches…my neighbors are the nicest people ever and it’s all behind us now…Austin will be in a new home a week from Tuesday, and it’s hard because the new home is actually the humane society because I can’t find any other home for him and we can’t keep him…Connor had a yellow week instead of a green week at school, and he is having some issues with a boy in his class not being very nice.  It was a hard week.

But little miss sunshine just keeps on shining.


I’m obsessed with them. The music is so beautiful, and I think I might run away to Belgium and join them.  Except I’m too old.  And I can’t really sing.

Scala and Kolacny Brothers. Beautiful.

Right Now and other things

This is me. Right this very second. Well, technically, 90 seconds ago.

I saw this on Roomate’s blog a few days ago, and just now on another one I read. So I thought I’d join in. Because that’s what I do. I’m a joiner.

You like my headphones? They are so cozy on my ears. And since it’s 12:52 a.m. and mi familia is all asleep, I have to wear the headphones. Want to know what I’m listening too? Kolacny Brothers & Scala. Yeah, I’d never heard of them before tonight either. I’m loving “With or Without You” and “Somebody”. You should definitely check them out if you like pretty choir-ish music that moves your soul.

Want to see me and Derek about 13 years ago?

That picture was taken about a month after we met. I had the biggest crush ever on him, and a few weeks after that picture was taken, we went out on our first date.

When we were in Arlington last weekend, I found the mother load of Derek and Megan Memories. I found my box with all the letters he’s ever written me (we had a long distance relationship for 3 years), cards, pictures, random rocks, his old high school id, old flowers, and quite possibly my favorite find of all:

Oh yes, blog friends. That is the actual journal entry that 15 year old Meg wrote after going on her very first date with the man she would eventually marry.

I cut out some of it, because it was long, 15 year old jibber jabber and Derek said it was embarrassing. Whatever. I don’t get embarrassed. Here’s the actual written account of our first kiss.

So there you have it. I’m telling you, I’ve had the best time reading all the old letters. I’m so glad I saved them all. I read them out loud to Derek on the drive home last weekend, and we were cracking up. We were such dorks! And some of them are just so tortured…oh, the drama of high school love!

Real quick, can we just take a closer look at this picture?

A few observations:
1. Nice neon t-shirt, D.  I think just about ever shirt Derek wore in ’95 was some sort of soccer shirt.
2. My Mr. Potato Head shirt.  I’m not even kidding when I say that was my favorite shirt in 1995.
3.  I am wearing one of Derek’s hats.  Flirting 101-wear your crush’s hat.
4. Derek has and always will have difficulty keeping his eyes open in a picture.

It’s 1:23 a.m.  I’m going to be hurting tomorrow.  Night!

I know you can all relate to this

I just had to sit down right this second and blog my morning, because I think every woman out there can totally relate to this!

Let’s start with last night. I went to bed with a plan. The plan was to get up at 6:30, get ready for the gym, get all kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:50. After dropping Connor off at school, Logan, Camryn, and I would head to the gym for a 1 hour cardio class. At home, I would take a quick shower and grab some breakfast, and then the three of us would go to Target. Finally, we would end up at the park with our playgroup friends.

At 5:00 a.m. the plan was thrown out the window. Camryn has her first little cold and has been waking earlier than normal all week. I thought maybe she was better and would be back to waking up at 7:00, but no such luck. She was up at 5:00, which means she would need to eat again sometime between 8:00 and 9:00, so no cardio class today. It was after 6:00 before I fell back asleep this morning, and at 7:25, Derek woke me up. I was sleeping so heavily, along with everyone else in the family. I quickly stumbled out of bed and staggered to the kitchen to make cinnamon toast and heat up spaghettios. Somehow, by the grace of God, we had a very smooth and happy morning and dropped Connor off at school right on time.

(In proofreading this, I realize it sounds like we have spaghettios for breakfast. Just to clarify, I send them in Connor’s lunchbox. He’s going through a sandwich strike.)

Anyway, we move to plan B. Home for a quick breakfast and some coffee. Feed Camryn. Get ready for the day. Target. Park.

I poured two bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (Yes, mom…sometimes I let my kids eat sugary cereals!)
Put Camryn in the Bumbo.
Turned on the coffee machine.
Gave Logan his cereal. He asks for some orange juice. No problem.
Look at Camryn and decide she needs a bow right that second.
Find the perfect bow.
Dig Logan’s favorite cup out of the sink and wash it out.
Look at Camryn and see that she has spit up all over herself.
Wipe her up.
Put her in the bouncy set.
Realize the batteries are dead.
Struggle to open the new package of batteries.
Search for the little tiny screwdriver.
Put Cam back in the bumbo so I can change the batteries.
Then put her back in the working bouncy seat.
Realize the bread is still out from making cinnamon toast.
Put it away.
Put away apple and orange juice.
Wipe up the counter.
Logan wanders in. “Mommy, can I have some orange juice, please?” Oh yeah. That’s what I was supposed to be doing!

It’s now 9:30. In the last hour and fifteen minutes, I’ve managed to dress Camryn, (twice due to the spit-up), eat a bowl of cereal, and feed Camryn. Par for the course, I tell ya! One of these days I will realize that I never do as much in real life as I do in my head. Can I get an amen, sisters?

Thursday Goods

I like Thursdays.  They are my easy days.  Logan goes to preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesdays are bible study/lunch with friends/errand days.  Thursdays are my do whatever days.  Sometimes it’s cleaning, sometimes it’s shopping, sometimes it’s just hanging with my girl at home and catching up on old episodes of Dawson’s Creek.

Our first stop today was Babies R Us to make a few returns.  Then it was off to the mall to cash in my Gymbucks at Gymboree.  Having a baby girl has really opened a whole new world of shopping.  Here are my two favorite purchases.  The dress is so cute in real life, especially with the little pink shirt and tights that go with it. And I know the monkey on the onesie is small in the picture, but it’s so simple and cute and perfect. I couldn’t resist it!

Shopping for a little girl is so much fun!

After our trip to the mall, and a quick stop at Walgreens to pick up my pictures, it was back home to do some laundry, eat lunch, and watch a little Friday Night Lights. We picked up Logan from school, stopped at Sam’s on the way home for a few things, and hit up Sonic for a Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper and a chocolate milk. Then we added Connor and my neighbor’s kids to the mix (I’m watching my neighbor’s two kids after school for the next couple of weeks.) The kids all played well together while I finished the laundry and packed up Camryn’s 0-3 month clothes. Soon, it was time to leave for a soccer pizza party/dinner meeting. A day where I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner is a good one in my book! And finally, to round out my lovely Thursday, I played a bit of volleyball. I joined a co-ed volleyball league, which is really fun, despite my lack of prowess on the court these days…

It was the perfect mix of productiveness+fun. Sure, my house could be a bit cleaner and I still have a mountain of laundry to put away tomorrow. But for now, I’m headed to bed with a smile on my face because of this joyful and blessing-filled day.