I love the beach {Galveston TX Family Photographer}

I’ve had the joy of photographing this family several times over the past four years, and each time is better than the last.  One of the joys of this job is getting to see these kids grow up!  The little guy (although he is definitely not so little anymore!) is hands down one of the most photogenic kids I have ever met.  He simply does not take a bad photo!  And the little (and I’ll still call her little for a few more years) girl is so full of spice and life and joy.  She is so much fun.  Case a point…these photos of her are still some of my favorites.

We met at the beach (and let me just say again how much I am loving shooting in Galveston this time of year!) and we had so much fun.  Love this family!











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  1. Oh my Megan you have captured some of the most amazing pictures of my Grandkids, Jace and Addison… You have a great gift.. Thanks for sharing… Do not know which I like best. Thanks Again, Debbie Havens

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