Sweetness and Fun {Clear Lake TX Family Photographer}

Last night was yet again another perfect night for a session!  This really is the absolute best time of year in Houston.  And I had such a beautiful family to go with the beautiful weather.  (Lucky me!  I have the best job in the world, I tell you!)


I love this next picture because it shows their fun and spunky side.  And believe me, this family definitely has a spunky side!  With two busy boys and a little girl that is equal parts sugar and spice, there is definitely lots of fun to be had!  deGroot-2-blog

And there is lots of sweetness mixed in with that fun, too. deGroot-3-blog

I took individual pictures of Miss D at her preschool a few weeks ago, and I was definitely looking forward to getting some more of her.  D is FULL of personality, and I love it!  She loves gymnastics, and was happy to give me some twirls in her new dress.  deGroot-4-blog

But like I said before, she is equal parts sugar and spice.  I can’t help but share this one that shows her little sassy side.  I told her she could do whatever she wanted for her picture, and she busted out with this.  We were all cracking up at the little hip and head wiggle that went along with it!deGroot-5-blog

And of course I can’t leave out her handsome brothers.  Both of the boys are cute as can be and have just the perfect amount of sweetness to go along with their all-boy-ness.  It’s a great combination (translation…lock up your daughters!  These two are the real deal.)deGroot-6-blog


Thanks so much for the fun session, D family!

Good as gold {Friendswood TX Family Photographer}

This was yet another session that I was really looking forward to.  Last year, I donated a session to Camryn’s preschool, and this beautiful family placed the winning bid.  I was thrilled when I saw that they had won!  Miss E was one of Camryn’s best friends at preschool last year.  In fact, I would say that E was one of the girls who totally brought Camryn out of her shell and changed her from thinking school was ho-hum to loving it.  It’s fun for me to see my kids make their own friends, and E (along with two other sweet girls) were Camryn’s first made-on-her-own friends.  Even though we are now at a different school, and we’ll never be in school with E or the other girls again, they will always hold that special little spot in our hearts.

Anyway, all that backstory is to say that I couldn’t wait to get them behind my camera.  As I was getting my camera all ready to go, checking settings, etc., I snapped this this test shot of E.  She is such a photogenic little girl, so of course even thought it was just a test shot, it turned out great!  I love that sweet little smile.


Meet E’s big brother, a full-of-energy, spunky 8 year old boy.  And I know the way to an 8 year old’s heart involves a little jumping.  This pretty much sums up life with a boy!raska-2-blog

But G has a sweet side, too, as you can see.


I’m sure that these two fight, just like any brothers and sisters.  But judging by this picture, I would never believe it!  They are good as gold.


Of course we took lots of family photos, too.  They are seriously all so photogenic!  Such a beautiful family.  raska-3-blog  raska-5-blog


And one more that I just have to share.  That grin…the love…pictures like this are what I love about photography.  No posing, no direction, just giggles and smiles shared between a mom and her daughter.  raska-9-blog

It just doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

One is fun {Houston Family Photographer}

I was really looking forward to meeting this sweet family.  They came to me as a referral, and I just knew it was going to be a great session.  And it was!  We met on what might have been the most beautiful Saturday night ever in Houston.  This is the beginning of the time of year that Houston tries to make up for the fact that for so much of the year it is just unbearably hot and humid.  It was perfect and sunny and in the low 70s.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

This was one of the very first photos I took of them and from there, I just knew it was going to be a great session.


This little guy just turned one last week, and he was full of smiles and personality.  I had so much fun with him!  He reminds me a lot of my Sullivan, and it’s no secret how much I love to take pictures of him.  Such a fun age!


It’s evident that mom and dad are crazy about R.  Who can blame them!  I’m crazy about him, too!johnston-3-blog





It’s nights like this that make me feel so grateful that I get to do a job I love so much, and that I get to meet the sweetest families along the way.